There are many child nutrition books out in the market today. Parents who want to provide healthy food and make sure that their children are getting proper nutrition are a very susceptible market for books like these. While many books provide good information, it usually isn’t as complicated as many of the book covers and teasers lead a consumer to believe. Parents end up spending a lot of money for some pretty basic information.

When purchasing child nutrition books, try to get books that address your questions. Sometimes books go in depth into good, but unnecessary information for the typical parent. For example, some books discuss healthy eating and how it helps your children’s immune system, and then write chapters and chapters about child diseases, even rare diseases. While it’s good to know about illnesses, you may not have gotten your money’s worth in terms of the information you wanted.

Get child nutrition books that present their content as matter of fact, and make sure the price of the book is practical for your budget. You don’t want to spend too much on books and not have anything else for healthy food, right? So stick to a book that presents the basics. One that is easy to read is also advisable, as you don’t want to get too caught up in technical terms.

A good child nutrition book should make you really understand what healthy eating is, and not just tell you what it is you should eat. While giving recommendations or food suggestions are definitely good bonuses, after reading the book you should be able to know what would make a healthy and balanced meal for your child. If you encounter a book that says it presents the children’s food pyramid inside, you’re very likely to have a section of that book that discusses the ins and outs of healthy eating and how to follow the pyramid.

Good child nutrition books point you in the right direction of healthy eating, and they should help you understand your children. Healthy eating can change depending on age and developmental stages, and a good book should be able to help you understand this aspect as well. It should also discuss the challenges and health issues some children face, and how to prevent these issues from arising.

Finally, do your own research on child nutrition books. Read book reviews or ask friends who have the book if they can leaf through it first. That way you will know if it is really something worth spending money on!

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A Smoothly Running Office With The Aid Of File Folders

All actual offices are in need of specific and extremely essential stationery products. These items can range from plain paper to advertising material and can also include calendars and headers for your business letters, just to mention a few. Some distinguished supply will be vital in order for your company to run smoothly. File Folders, for instance, are essential in order to keep the huge staples of paperwork under control, without them your office would be disorganized, messy and a disaster zone.

Paperwork in offices comes in a variety of forms, such as business letters, invoices, job applications and reports. Sometimes they are also used as communication between your customers, prospective buyers and the company. The containing information is mostly of high importance and concerning new undertakings, as well as business proposals and designs. Your corporation’s account balances are normally reflected on these documents too and therefore it is vital to handle these papers with extra care. This is where file folders come in enormously handy.

Should any of these papers not be placed into a folder and stored away properly, it can cause a big interruption concerning the daily smooth flow of your business. Just imagine, one of your important documents cannot be found in the presence of a valued client. This would be an unthinkable dilemma, would it not? Now, this is exactly why those vital papers must be kept in folders and filed. File folders aid in so many other things as well and are a secret to greater success of your company. Besides keeping your papers neatly, they can also be easily archived, managed, handled and transferred or transported in your car, in a secure way. You can simply carry your important documents around to seminars and conferences without having to worry about them getting stained, torn or otherwise damaged.

When files and folders are put into action in the advertising and marketing industry, they definitely need to be modified in order to bring in a way greater success rate than any other regular products ever could. Many companies have figured this and therefore plenty of corporations customize their files and folders for this exact reason. This aids in boosting their office’s image, while utilizing them as their regular items in the firm.

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By reading Christian articles can one get the true understanding of God’s ways that will be helpful for us in our spiritual lives? For the spiritual temple we form within, is to be adorned with the beautiful fruits of the Holy Spirit, and the fruitage of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and most importantly of all, faith.

The Holy Spirit is a unifying force of enormous strength and, as long as we allow it free course among us, it joins us peacefully together in bonds of love and devotion to God, Jesus, and one another. A spiritual article is written to give us the basic and primary factor producing good order and effective guidance among Christians and to be helpful for those that have a lack of understanding.

Christian articles refresh our memories and stimulate our mental powers allowing us to be united in spirit, reflecting the spirit of Jesus Christ. For the heart of Jesus’ followers is tied in with the Holy Spirit giving us a definite relationship with Him, and a Christian relationship with one another as God‘s children.

Since the heart is showing to have the capacity for motivation due to being intimately related with emotions and affection, it undoubtedly has a major share in the development of the spirit that one shows in the sense of a dominant feeling.

Take David for an example, after he got off course and hit rock bottom, he prayed for two things, a clean heart and a steadfast desire to walk in purity. If we focus on the wrong things and neglect our spiritual life we are certain for sure failure. A Christian article is written to point out the importance of our spiritual health in order to probe our deepest thoughts and open our eyes to certain issues that may need attention.

The true Christian author has integrity that requires uncompromising loyalty to God and adherence to righteousness, not merely under all favorable conditions or circumstances, but under all conditions and at all times. The author that is true to all God’s ways and holding fast to his integrity is at all times speaking the truth in his heart that is acceptable to God. He puts aside his personal interest and stays true to God.

The interest of the true Christian author that writes an article, is focused on God and staying on course, not by their personal moral strength, but only through deep faith and trust they have in God. For they have the knowledge of God’s promise that God will be a shield and stronghold, guarding the way of those walking in integrity. Saying that, integrity plays a big part in in the article writers performance to guide one with the utmost accurateness to the way of God.

This is what Paul was talking about when he said, ‘Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.’ The true Christian author will stick to the Scriptures with the hope of guiding one to God, for God is the One that will help you in all your circumstances, for He knows what is in the heart of man and, He knows exactly what to do.

The Christian author has a goal they want to accomplish with their Christian article, their goal is, to guide one to the facts that testify to the integrity of the Bible. The Bible narrative is inseparably interwoven with the history of the times. It gives straightforward truthful instruction for our everyday life in all circumstances. The Christian author is recommending the Bible to their readers for what it is, God’s Word of Truth.

Christian authors view the Bible as the inspired Word of God. Absolute truth, beneficial for teaching and disciplining mankind. More is required of the true Christian writer than mere confession of faith. It is necessary that their belief is demonstrated by their works. They dedicate their lives to God’s worship and service.

The true Christian author is extremely careful, doing meticulous research, going through all the documentary sources accessible to them, evidently investigating the Scriptures that would shed light on the subject. They write an article, not merely as proof of accuracy as to what they have written, but also to direct the reader to the Scriptures for more detailed information on the subject.

The Christian author connects the facts on the subject towards the Lord, and strives to put the facts in such a light as to teach that God rewards loyalty to His children with happiness and blessing. The author emphasizes the results of faithful adherence to the true understanding of God’s ways.

You will find that Christian articles are helpful spiritual for those that have a lack of understanding on a subject. One may be having a difficult time understanding some Scriptures. The author writes an article on a subject in such a way as to give the reader more information to solving the problem, and at the same time they write the article with the hope of bonding faithful Christians to one another with the zeal for God.

We write Christian articles and poems for educational purposes that are helpful in our spiritual lives at

High quality articles are the secrets to a successful article marketing campaign. These types of articles are what make readers want to click through the authors resource box. Want to know how to produce such articles? Then, this guide is for you:

1.First, start by honing or developing the needed skills. In order to produce high quality articles, it is a must that you have excellent communication, writing, proofreading, and research skills. Do not worry as these are something that you can learn through research, by attending training programs, and through constant practice.

2.Know your readers. You need to make sure that your articles will come out very targeted to the needs and demands of your audience. This will only happen if you know exactly what these people are looking for. Before you start writing, research and get to know the people you are about to write for. Know and understand their pressing issues and goals in life. Identify the topics that they usually search for in the online arena. Also, get to know their level of comprehension and their preferences.

3.Know your topics. Do not even think about tapping on your keyboard unless you have a crystal clear idea about the topics that you are going to discuss. Do extensive research if needed. Remember, your readers deserve nothing but highly informative articles. Interview experts, check out reputable resources, and conduct surveys. Do anything that will help you gather as much information as possible. I know, doing extensive research can take a lot of time but well researched articles are what you need to establish your authority in your niche.

4.Plan ahead. To ensure that your articles will sound coherent, I would suggest that you create a skeleton that you can use as a guide before you get started. This should not take so much of your time. After doing your research, you just need to list down the ideas that you are going to discuss. For example, if you are going to write a product review about a certain fruit juicer, you can just list down the following in bullet list; general info about the product and the company, the strengths and weaknesses of the product, user reviews, and verdict. Through this, you will have an assurance that your articles will make sense and that they will contain all the information that your readers need to know.

5.Write simply. Write your articles while keeping the levels of comprehension of your readers in mind. Remember, you are writing for online users who are coming from different countries and who are using different languages. It will help these people in easily understanding the message that you are trying to get across if you write using the simplest terms and short sentences. It will also help if you keep your paragraphs short and if you use subheadings to make your articles scannable or easy on the eyes.

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Police officers adopted the bicycle early in the 20th century, initially using their own.[citation needed] However, they eventually became a standard issue, particularly for police in rural areas. The Kent police purchased 20 bicycles in 1896, and by 1904 129 rural police bicycle patrols were operating.

Some countries retained the police bicycle while others dispensed with them for a time.[citation needed] Late in the century, urban bicycle patrols became more common, as the mobility of car-borne officers was increasingly limited by traffic congestion and pedestrianisation.[citation needed]

Bicycle characteristics

British police officers on custom Smith and Wesson bicycles

The bicycles are custom designed for law enforcement use. Many manufacturers of bicycles offer police models, including Trek, Cannondale, Specialized and Fuji. Other companies offer police, fire and EMS specific models, including Volcanic Manufacturing in Olympia, Washington. Many are equipped with a rear rack and bag to hold equipment.

Police bicycles’ pedals are almost always flat pedals, sometimes outfitted with toe clips/straps, to allow for normal shoes to be worn (versus cycling-specific shoes that clip into “clipless” pedals), allowing officers to chase on foot if necessary.

They are equipped with front and rear lighting systems, with a water bottle battery. The lights can be LED, or halogen, or sometimes Xenon strobes. A headlight(s) are on the front, along with red or blue flashing lights. In the UK emergency service bicycles were allowed blue flashing lights from 21 October 2005.[citation needed] A red light is often attached to the rear of the bike.

Tires are usually semi-slick designs with smooth centers for street riding and mild tread or knobs on the outer edges to provide some traction if the bikes are ridden off a paved surface.


The International Police Mountain Bike Association offers training as well as an annual conference called Police On Bikes. The course has its roots in John Forester’s Effective Cycling.

See also

A Washington State Trooper patrols the shores of Capitol Lake during Lakefair in Olympia, Washington

Utility cycling for other uses of bicycles

Bicycle infantry

External links

International Police Mountain Bike Association

Latest facts and figures on UK police on bikes

E-tailer of police bikes

Photograph of British Police bicycle in the 1960s

Paul Sample. The History of Wiltshire Constabulary 18392003. 

Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Police cyclists


^ “Kent Police Museum”. Retrieved 2007-06-04. 

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The Classical Conservative Definition:
A classical conservative values tradition and freedom over governmental power. Conservatives, under this definition, advocate a free market economy without governmental intervention. Conservatives tend to view government as a necessary evil, whose primary responsibility is to protect people from violation of their rights and freedom by others. Conservatives distinguish this from government taking action to guarantee people’s rights and freedom (a subtle, but important distinction). Conservatives think of morality as something that binds people into groups through loyalty and authority (in certain cases, substituting religion for authority). Conservatives tend to be tribalists.

There is likely not as much difference between the two philosophies as you may have thought. The distinctions are subtle, but they do lead to a different philosophy of both the purpose, and responsibilities of government. Distinctions between the two philosophies shift and morph to suit the politics of the day.

Conservatives are usually regarded as associated with the Republican Party, liberals with the Democratic Party. This is an over-generalization.

Both parties embrace certain conservative and liberal tendencies. Moreover, it does not account for those that do not affiliate with either party, standing as independents, a very large segment of America’s political society.

Edmund Burke is often regarded as the founder of the conservative philosophy. Burke stated in 1791 that it was not necessary to tear apart society to cure its evils:

“An ignorant man who is not fool enough to meddle with his clock, is however sufficiently confident to think he can safely take to pieces, and put together at his pleasure, a moral machine of another guise, importance and complexity, composed of far other wheels, and springs, and balances, and counteracting and co-operating powers.

Men little think how immorally they act in rashly meddling with what they do not understand. Their delusive good intention is no sort of excuse for their presumption. They who truly mean well must be fearful of acting ill.”

Burke professed that change should only be made when fully aware of the consequences of the actions. Society is complex and interconnected, so changes must be made with deliberation and knowledge of history. The damage from miscalculated changes can be too disastrous to society, to do otherwise.

This is not to say conservatives oppose change. Conservatives recognize that change is necessary in society; however, conservatives move at a slower pace than liberals.

The Modern Conservative Movement
Many credit Russell Kirk’s 1953 book, “The Conservative Mind” with the birth of the modern conservative movement in the United States. In 1957, Kirk condensed he beliefs in “The Essence of Conservatism:”

“…The conservative is a person who endeavors to conserve the best in our traditions and our institutions, reconciling that best with necessary reform from time to time…Our American War of Independence…especially in the works of John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison, we find a sober and tested conservatism founded upon an understanding of history and human nature. The Constitution which the leaders of that generation drew up has proved to be the most successful conservative device in all history.”

In this statement, Kirk restated that the U.S. Constitution is an instrument that protects people from abuse by government; in that regard, the Constitution must be strictly interpreted to guarantee that protection.

Barry Goldwater was the first politician to waive the modern conservative banner. His book, “The Conscience of a Conservative” was required reading at Harvard, at least for a while. When running for president in 1964, Goldwater promised to enforce the U.S. Constitution.

However, it was Ronald Reagan that legitimized the conservative political philosophy as President in 1980. He ran on a platform of cutting government, as he did when governor in California, where his main reform was in welfare.

As President, Reagan cut taxes in his first year. Whether as a direct result or not, the U.S. economy began an unprecedented economic boom in 1982 that lasted until 2001. However, Reagan will also be remembered for not only his economic forecast in 1982, but his prophesy that: “The march of freedom and democracy … will leave Marxism-Leninism on the ash-heap of history as it has left other tyrannies which stifle the freedom and muzzle the self-expression of the people.”

The fall of the Berlin wall came in 1989, followed by the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

In looking at the above comparison of conservative and liberal values, it is apparent that arguments can be made for the value of either position. However, such a limited view misses the point. Combining both philosophies can take the best from each to provide solutions to our problems.

As an example, take the issue of trust as to whether government is the best answer to our problems. Conservatives are wary to trust government as the answer; liberals tend to see government as a necessary evil, but still the best answer to solve our problems. Both are appropriate views. Our Founding Fathers recognized this dilemma and developed a system of checks and balances, a separation of powers for an effective government, but one that never developed too much power over its citizens.

The Founding Fathers listened to both sides of the conservative and liberal argument to try to find a system that meets the needs of all.

Today, our society needs to move forward to meet new challenges; liberals say we need new solutions to those challenges; conservatives say we need to trust proven solutions because miscalculation could make our problems worse. Again, both views have value; and a blending of both is likely the best answer: learn from the past, while we forge the future.

Unfortunately, our politics have become too polarized and too divisive. People take positions rather than work together. Political parties provide those positions. Many Republicans revert to religion as a bastion, while many Democrats turn their party into a religion.

After obtaining a degree in political science, I embarked on a career in insurance and government. For the last 21 years, I have worked for local government and government associations. I have written articles, as well as manuals, assisting local government in effectively managing their activities and exposures. I have also provided training in these areas, been a frequent speaker at educational seminars, and acted as President of an association of governmental employees.

How to write and prepare scientific articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals
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