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Writing for a newspaper embodies the philosophy of ‘less means more’.
Journalists write less on the page to focus more eyeballs on their article and save the editor having to cut them off.
Writing concisely refers to only writing what is required and cutting out the rest.
Journalists do this in order to make their articles as short as possible.
It also makes what they write clear and direct. They do not overuse description or vocabulary, and concentrate on simply telling a reader what is important.
A ‘reading age’ is how a journalist’s writing style and vocabulary is tailored towards readers. It refers to reading level that a particular newspaper targets.
Depending on the publication, the age is generally set at either an 8th or 10th grade reading level. 
Newspapers articles (not features or columnists) are meant to be objective.
This means that they are unbiased.
News articles are written in the following ways:
Present both sides of the story
Written in passive voice
Adopt a neutral tone
Allow the reader form their opinion
Passive Voice is where the writer or speaker is ‘removed’ from what takes place. They have no active role or opinion.
Journalists use passive voice to remain impartial and avoid making accusations that cannot be proven.
They present ‘facts’ in such a way that a reader can draw their own conclusions.
The Story:
Monty and Jasper are two boys who had an argument in the school yard. Monty claims that a coin that Jasper found was his, while Jasper claims that he simply found the coin lying in the grass.
Thievery and verbal arguments are rife within a local primary school, with two students reprimanded over an ugly dispute involving a two dollar coin.
Tips for Your Writing
There are a number of lessons from the newspaper journalistic style that you can apply to your own writing:
Eliminate wordiness
Don’t overextend your vocabulary
Be direct
Make every word important
Edit, edit, edit!
Newspaper articles are concisely written
They are (mostly) objective
Use passive voice

In 1775, a colonial newspaper reported on Patriots burning tea in Providence, RI. How much can you learn from this newspaper article? Whose point of view is it written from? What does it include and what does it leave out? Barbara Clark Smith reveals the questions she would ask to get the most from this primary source.


Example Informative Published Article

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