? DAVOS DREADS DE-GLOBALIZATION! – ?? Chinese President Says Populism is a Threat to Globalism ?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

? DAVOS DREADS DE-GLOBALIZATION! - ?? Chinese President Says Populism is a Threat to Globalism ?


The World Economic Forum is gathered for their annual Davos meeting in the Swiss Alps. Many interesting headlines have come from the globalist controlled media outlets admitting that their plans are “under threat.” Included at this years Davos event is Chinese president Xi Jinping, who statued that populism, which is defined as “support for the concerns of ordinary people” is a threat to globalism.








Earth’s atmosphere can be turned into massive surveillance system using LASERS, scientists discover


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  1. Jason Nance says:

    hi gonz I'm reading a book by Jay dyer which discusses esoteric concepts from Hollywood movies. I would like to point out that dyer says that sci fiction has been used both to predict and promote a technocratic future. everything you guys talked about has been in the works for the last century. no matter what we must prepare to fight battle to come. We must remember we are the masters of our own destinies regardless who's in the white house. anyways God bless all humanity even our enemies. Have mercy on us

  2. Hourglass Prophecy says:

    Globalization has destroyed America ,it makes the" rich" super rich and the" poor "super poor !

  3. Andrew Hulten says:

    Wrong list. The real list isn't published, but good research will tell you who "They" are. #1 Rothchild's, more than likely exceedeing 1 TRILLION DOLLARS, and they stole all the gold as collateral fro the Fiat currency debt they "loaned" to us at interest.

  4. K.L. Ogden says:

    All by design? Isn't he DJT a Templar reincarnation of Apollo? A magician prepares to seduce through psyche and eros. Search his condo

  5. Knight-Revan _ says:

    if robots take over jobs human jobs would have to deal with us leaving earth so that when we come home the earth would be much more peaceful and protection would be from our machines we created. turning our world into stuff of Star wars. all being from any spot in the universe can come and visit and help build better economies. The force is with us.

  6. Merrimour The Red says:

    hahaha … minus 40 indeed , Canada is warmer this week =)

  7. Albert Geo says:

    could the antichrist be at Davos ? I would look for a handsome young man…

  8. Dave Washburn says:

    7:17 Did the genetic engineers create a Eugene Levy/John Podesta hybrid?

  9. punk ask says:

    It takes $7 to make a worldwide brand of trainer/sneaker, this includes shipping from China. You pay for all of it at the end for 10-15 × $7. Globalisation is the cause of this and by making the product in the country they sell it in will just eat into their profits. These companies won't have billions in the bank just sitting there and buying out the competition. Corporates run Globalisation with the blessing of Governments, de-globalisation is good for this earth.

  10. Jaco Becker says:

    Inferior Chinese imports is a problem as it destroys local industry and endangers local jobs / job creation. This does not indicate that all Chinese products are inferior but increased taxes is a way of protecting local produce and providing a more level playing field IMO. Our economy has been ruined by poor Chinese products and weak government legislation.

  11. oldworldorder1 says:

    gonz for president 2020 Love from Australia

  12. IzzyNChrist says:

    Happy birthday sam and Gonz!!! hey I'm January too XD

  13. IzzyNChrist says:

    I'm from Canada woooh! yeah it's freezing. I stayed inside all day.

  14. IzzyNChrist says:

    I say we hack their bank accounts and feed the rest of the world with it

  15. Sheckitowmang tHE DIStRACtIONS says:

    Gonz, seriously bro! You CAN'T raise your sweet baby girl in SoCal! I am a former Los Angelino myself and let me tell you bro, Texas is way WAY better. except for the weather. The weather totally sucks most of the time. But the weather will change again and again. Cali is only going one direction. God bless you brotha

  16. Mathew F Blackman says:

    Blah blah blah nothing here.

  17. Jim Furr says:

    China's labor costs are so cheap, we cannot compete with price and quality of the products. China has slave labor. We must tax slave labor products to protect our own business.

  18. Saran The Husky says:

    11:50 " Presidents in the future will be celebrities"
    Doc Brown: Who's president of the United States in 1985?
    Marty McFly: Ronald Reagan!
    Doc Brown: Ronald Reagan? The Actor?
    Actors becoming politicians is nothing new.

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