10 Badass Actors You Didn’t Know Were Bullied In High School

Saturday, February 10, 2018

10 Badass Actors You Didn't Know Were Bullied In High School

Famous actors who went from bullied to bad ass
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It can seem like Hollywood stars have it all together. They fight robots and aliens on screen, and still look picture-perfect for the red carpet. But every badass action hero started out as a high school student, and every high school student has gone through an awkward phase. These famous actors may seem untouchable now, but back in the day they were picked on for their looks, their style, and even their early acting careers. Of course, the best revenge is growing up to be a wildly successful movie star. So here are 10 Badass Actors Who Were Bullied In High School.

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Megan Fox,
Jackie Chan,
Tom Cruise,
Chris Rock,
Christian Bale,
Mila Kunis,
Jennifer Lawrence, (Hunger Games)
Winona Ryder, (Stranger Things, Heathers )
Ryan Reynolds,
Dwayne Johnson,
The Rock
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  1. Paul Hopkins says:

    I think you need to change the title of this vid

  2. SAM TV says:

    Why do people fight??
    It doesnt make sense
    If you feel like punching soemthing,then punch yourself not someone else

    Fighting is stupid
    Just like some people out there(No Offense)

  3. Prettyboy SAVAGE says:

    I think its harder to find a celebrity that werent bullied than who was. Thing about greatness is that it attracts jealousy

  4. Bob Lyson says:

    What the fuck is a jayla?

  5. vegeta.e says:

    I being bulling because I have disability and they say I'm ugly they try to fight and make me scared of them the girls treated me like an as I was so lonely and depressed my friends talk to my haters and became hater's and interested me nobody wanted to be my friend I was the hated person around and now they make me out like the person but they was the whole time.

  6. King Doge says:

    I wasn’t bullied but like 6 kids hated me I didn’t care that much but when someone like tells me a bad word I would beat the shit out of him

  7. Chris Snyder says:

    The Rock got in trouble many times for bullying. I went to school with him and he was a fucking punk. Screw you for having him in this.

  8. Nabeel Soofie says:

    im kinda happy u bigger then me

  9. Mosese Tenifa says:

    People should be scared of some poly people. The Rock is too big to be too

  10. Yuno Gasai says:

    Uhh yeah everybody hated highschool i mean who doesnt?

  11. Jaye Fepuleai says:

    I don't believe The Rock was bullies cos he's Samoan lol

  12. oRuqx/Shinobi Ninja says:

    Nerds are the real badass and the bully are just cool kids that's all

  13. Glopy mystique says:

    Where is Eminem?Rihanna and Susan Boyle???

  14. SniperRecons says:

    6:32 'bullies don't get very far in life' Jake Paul was a bully and he got is doing well in life

  15. Hello There says:

    People that bully others r just insecure and have there own problems. Some girls from my basketball team will pick on me. But I guess if i have any advice it would be, don't change u, be urself, stand up for urself but don't change yourself to be this bab (bad ass bitch)It won't make u happy. If they say something to u, defend yourself and if they wanna start a fight then fight back. I'm not a violent person but I'll fight back bcs you should stand up for urself so they know not to mess w u, but don't change u. Let haters be your motivators. They don't wanna see you succeed, so make them angry and succeed. Also people r just cruel. In my Spanish class a boy made a rude comment about this girl while she was presenting her project. The class laughed. The girl started bursting to tears and explained that she is just tried of people always laughing at her. She explained what she goes thru at home and I wanna say people don't know what others go through or what problems them may have. Your words can have a huge impact. Think before u speak.

  16. Carley Henderson says:

    I'm a freshman and I get bullied by a Sophomore named Saib Music?

  17. Renegade_Ace says:

    the Wynona Ryder story was the most satisfying one

  18. Jayv Benito says:

    Everyone gets bullied

  19. Rick Sanchez says:

    Bullies aren't human beings, they are animals. There's a name for humanoid creatures that aren't human beings, they're called NIGGERS!!(this doesn't mean just black people, for me a nigger is ANY RACE that is a trashy, sidewalk skid mark that isn't worth the air they're sucking!!!!)

  20. Rick Sanchez says:

    Okay…. not EVERY high school student goes through an awkward phase, that's bullshit. If you're a bully, your issues CEASE TO EXIST and/or MATTER and I want to KILL YOU!!!!

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