10 Biggest Mysteries In Football!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Mysterious thing happen in the world of Football, Ronaldo paid to switch nations?! Fake footballers?! & the real age of certain players?! Let us know in the comments your theories on these bizarre stories!

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  1. Football Daily says:

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  2. Connor Underwood says:

    Even if it was April 1 ronaldo wildest be able to switch to Spain because he already played matches for Portugal you can't switch if you played games already for the nation

  3. C*NT says:

    Cristiano, spanish superstar.. right.. xDD

  4. Harnaik Aujla says:


  5. EJ Estonactoc says:

    I also say he's a clone.

  6. Game retro review land says:

    spain tried to get messi and ronlado to play for spain. wtf …

  7. TrueDat says:

    How would cocaine help Rosicky have a burst of pace lol it's not steroids

  8. KingLizardo says:

    the video is well good but the guy at the end is so annoying

  9. Gurdita Singh says:

    The real mystery – how Steven Gerrad slipped on a banana peel !

  10. lollipoppy974 says:

    So now I know why the English don't like poles

  11. fabio mocas says:

    4:03 lol I live near there

  12. Vali Demiri says:

    Red or White north London is shite

  13. Elmo S says:

    Lol ?

  14. Premi says:

    Chef Wenger .Shit had me rolling.

  15. ItsMoi Moí says:

    so the US is going to have the next Ronaldo?!?!??!

  16. Victor_YTB says:

    Whats with Moldova? Ce e cu Moldova?

  17. Juan F Lopez, Jr says:

    bruh ok just because Ronaldo is from Portugal and plays with a Spain team what is so bad about that

  18. xXProKillerXx5000 says:

    Francesco Totti has never won a ballon dor

  19. Rovaniemiplayer says:

    demonic toilet brush Fellaini ?

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