10 Dark Secrets Of AMISH Families

Sunday, October 22, 2017

top 10 facts you didn’t know about being Amish
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  1. mrsillywalk says:

    They let their children chose to join their church. By comparison to other blind belief religions this is very light.

  2. enforcer jj says:

    It's NOT TRUE that ALL amish are decendents of the originators!!! SOME PEOPLE actually convert and BECOME amish. Somewhat rare, but does happen. Get your facts right,.

  3. James Kurtz says:

    Most of that isn't true

  4. lucinda415 says:

    Banned puppies mills!

  5. Kell Schultz says:

    what a jackass hit piece!

  6. DorahTheDestroyer 1 says:

    10 dark secrets of AMISH families: "they love Mexico". im not really sure that is uch of a "dark secret" unless you are Donald Trump

  7. Archon Abraxas says:

    I want a horse and buggy, save much on gas and insurance, use manure for garden.

  8. The- potato-warrior says:

    Surprisingly women accept their gender role… liberals… yes, most women do . Biology

  9. Maren Olsen says:

    Divide consider last hand mostly adjustment old Dutch shape.

  10. Indigomarine91 says:

    Three days to dig a grave is bullshit..

  11. peterc says:

    Well, if they are openly and truly patriarchal, I truly admire them for that. No mass genocide of the unborn in the name of women's power and choice. No destruction of the institutions of marriage and the family unit – the cornerstones of all long lasting civilised human cultures etc.
    Looking at the menu of videos about the Amish people, I think it is the makers of them who are the small minded bigots.

  12. kingdoge teamdogeforlife says:

    No no no no no no no no ? NO i want cookies anyone have some for me

  13. SH it says:

    Digging a whole by hand is rarely a fuckibg dark secret lol most your list aint fricking dark lol unfortunately

  14. Fiona Brown says:


  15. The right to arm bares says:

    I didn't know about the puppy mills, that's pretty sad. We have plenty of homeless dogs, don't go buy one unless you want a specific breed for protection or hunting

  16. Kopfgeldjäger 23 says:

    Damn and I'm from Pennsylvania. They love Mexico until the Cartel get'em lol

  17. Dena Stutzman says:

    I come from the Amish I was raised Amish and most of that is bullshit and we do take it to the authorities if there is sexual abuse or physical abuse

  18. Female Lust45 says:


  19. Kibernautas says:

    A three days for a grave to be dug? Bullshit, I can do it in a max 12 hours alone with shovel only, and I am in no way super fit.

  20. TheSoulripper6 says:

    wow inbreeding is a sin punishable by God almighty. No exceptions so this just shows this religion is dark descent from Satan will. oh well we all will be judge anyways.

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