10 DIY Christmas recycled decoration HOW TO!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

10 DIY recycling ideas for home Christmas decorations and ornaments

1. Decoration from glass bottle and fleece – Santa Claus and Rudolph
2. Christmas ornament ball from newspaper
3. Rudolph flowerpot
4. Light bulb decoration – Snowman, Xmas tree and Rudolph
5. Santa´s gift box from toilet paper roll
6. Newspaper Christmas tree decoration
7. Advent calendar from toilet paper rolls
8. Rudolph from Cork Wine
9. Ping pong ball snowman
10. Snowman and Snowflake Christmas tree lights from ping pong balls

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    Excellent video???HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017???

  4. Emilyy Bieber says:

    on number 9 I already knew about that bc my grandma taught me

  5. azalea5560 says:

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    #4 the light bulbs is such a great idea

  8. K Cham says:

    i love what you did very creative.

  9. RAJENDRA KUMAR Jaiswal says:

    owsome ideas 

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    do you put the light bulb in your light holder ?

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