10 Foods That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Thursday, January 25, 2018

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Almost all of us want to look younger than we are and live as long as possible. Your genetic inheritance gives you a head start, but your diet also plays a vital part in helping you increase your lifespan. Today, we’re going to reveal the 10 anti-aging foods that make your skin look glowing.

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  1. Dorthe Guldfeldt says:

    What a lie ?

  2. Kimberly M says:

    Makes sense…thank you.

  3. Mercy TheRebel says:

    So I wood be just born ok

  4. Rabbit FunWorld says:

    Um… I'm sorry, but technically not sorry. "Look Glowing" is not the same thing as "Look 10 Years Younger." Clickbait titles, really? You must be really desperate for more subscribers if you're going that low.

  5. rajashree mohapatra says:

    I have normal to oilly skin and i am always having acne and pimples on my face.
    What should i do??

  6. Nothing Better says:

    Y’all forgot spinach

  7. Blue Pearl says:

    So if I'm 12, I'll look 2?

  8. Victoria Adolphe says:

    I thought coconut oil clogged pors?

  9. Bruce says:

    Be asian

  10. JigglyLamp says:

    Cooking carrots INCREASES the nutrition value.

  11. Emy hernandez says:


  12. D.L. X says:

    you lost me at the ham

  13. Michel TubeHD says:

    Yes love berries

  14. Pussy Destroyer 9000x says:

    But….. I'm ten years old….???

  15. Maritza Montano says:

    So if I eat these fruits I’ll look like I was never born? Because I’m 10

  16. Supershygamer QAQ says:

    Man I’m so pumped to look like a fresh born baby again
    I’m gonna look like a 3 year old 😀


    Wow so interesting and educative. Definitely am gonna look ten years younger than my age. Thumbs up for you guys

  18. muhammad azzan says:

    Can we use all remidies togethr??

  19. BlinkinFirefly says:

    do face masks actually really do anything significantly beneficial to your face other than hydrate it?

  20. Layladventures Here says:

    Avocado juice is very popular in Morocco, and when I tell people in America they get disgusted! Smh

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