10 Ingredients Destroying Your Health

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Exercising and keeping an eye on calories go a long way in keeping you healthy, but to truly protect your well-being, you need to start actively avoiding the worst ingredients hiding out in the food system.

In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, Jordan Rubin and I discuss the top 10 ingredients destroying your health. We’re going to unlock some common myths about foods that you may even have in your kitchen cabinet and think are healthy. With all of the confusion surrounding labeling and advertising, buzzwords like “sugar-free,” “all-natural” and even “organic” can be really confusing. From artificial sweeteners to harsh additives — we’ve got you covered. Press play to learn more.

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  1. bob bill says:

    Love these videos!

  2. Kyienn says:

    Thank you all so much

  3. Karen Robertson says:

    what about cottage cheese

  4. Carla Durland says:

    my son has a eye gland blockage disorder he supposed to wash his eyes with baby shampoo

  5. Karen Robertson says:

    white Posion

  6. North Pittman says:

    I don't do make up and I rarely even use lotion or other skin product. I put Coconut oil on my skin

  7. Karen Robertson says:

    love you guys

  8. Touching Hearts Ministry Blog says:

    surprised I dont see soy on the list. too much soy as common ingredient but leads to cancer. I hope there will be healthier alternatives for soy.

  9. John Lindborg says:

    could you do something on dairy? A whole segment?

  10. Latacia Mitchell says:

    Thanks so much for your videos. Since the beginning of the year I've been in a personal journey of removing toxins from my body. I'm always reading labels and trying new ways to prepare a mostly vegetarian type of diet. I also no longer use not purchase cosmetics, over the counter personal heigyne products. I've watching tutorials as well as doing my own personal research. I've made my own toothpaste. for my skin and hair I use coconut oil, African Shea and tea tree oil. I've tried vegan alternatives to meat and I'm drinking more spring water. one of my favorite oils is lavender which is in my soap. body wash and deodorant. Im interested in learning more about tinctures if you have a video on this or plan to talk about it I've subscribed to your channel. again I appreciate you all being very thorough. Jordan Rubin I just picked up the book The Maker's Diet. I too was lead by the Lord to make these life altering changes. He has shown me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ☺

  11. Angel May says:

    What about organic milk? What sprouted organic wheat? Are these any good?

  12. Rachel Sheets says:

    I was raised on local dairy milk and when I was a teenager, the dairy shut down and we switched to the store bought stuff, my stomach could not handle it. It was upset all the time. luckily, this was right when organic milk started popping up in the grocery stores. I know it's not nearly as good as getting local milk, but at least the organic doesn't have most of the hormones that traditional dairy does.

  13. Jason Todd says:

    what about stevia?

  14. Janice D says:

    it's crazy to believe but Propylene Glycol is found in a lot of food… especially deserts ?

  15. holistic79 says:

    This was brought to you by Bone Broth.

  16. Jesse Jackson says:

    Thanks guys this video is amazing! Appreciate the good work!

  17. Opened Eyes says:

    a true man of god! keep it up brotha

  18. anrefg says:

    Guys, at some point you should start making recommendations about what brands are good to eat or use. Organic foods are several times more expensive than regular ones. At least, people are going to spend money wisely.

  19. Ragin Bull says:

    why the hell is the fda then approving use of all these chemicals. shame

  20. jaime martinez says:

    I like Jed but I'm sorry she should just shut up

  21. kmd 0193 says:

    Get rid of Obamacare or don't get rid of it – just don't fucking penalize me on my taxes for not having it. Nonsense.

  22. Isaac Ortiz says:

    Obama Care sucks,period.

  23. pipimp100 says:

    I kinda feel all the women on the panel hate Jed. lol

  24. CommonSenseJoe says:

    Health care is simple. Obamacare is a mess. It has done exactly what it was designed to do. One, allow the government to get MORE involved in health care. Two, destroy private health insurance. The problem is trying to figure how to fix the mess without ending up with socialized medicine, which was the goal the whole time.

  25. Sentari says:

    Is Whoopi's jacket making your screen fuzzy?

  26. cristina solano says:

    It's so hard to be reliable and understand other people's struggles, For a rich man who was born without limitations.

  27. Jamie Wells says:

    why do tax payers have to pay for others ?

  28. Josee Plouffe says:

    Canadians have a card and we get looked after, that easy! Run by the government. US will never have that because there is too much greed.

  29. trueglitterdust says:

    Jed is crazy.

  30. Cristina Cabral says:

    It's Affordable Care Act dammit lol….I will say I've been very lucky as far as health insurance but understand the importance of having access to health insurance.

  31. ibaru sister says:

    Single payer system here in Canada, I don't see the government in my business. I go to the doctor if I need to and not a worry thereafter.

  32. robert machin says:

    I love Jed

  33. Funk O'Matic says:

    well, if u rewatch his campaign interviews, speaking on this matter…dumb trump did set himself up for this embarrassing statement. seriously how was this doofus able to stay wealthy n keeping his business afloat is beyond me….

  34. This Home Planet says:

    maybe the wealthy people would pay lower taxes if they actually distributed their wealth and took care of people outside their immediate community. maybe wealthy people would pay lower taxes if they didn't have to be predatory to get to their position in the first place.

  35. kelley crum says:

    Jed might get annoying but at least she has opinions and doesn't just smile and spout what she thinks is the pc thing to say, I have never seen a certain other (you know who she is) get upset or angry about any subject ever, she only takes a side if it is the popular or "good" side.

  36. lavinder11 says:

    So Jed just won't answer when they said that you need money for an HSA, huh?

  37. MoonliteIce says:

    Yes, because the money grubbing private insurance companies are so much more trustworthy and reliable than the government… ? Jesus…I will NEVER understand the conservative argument against this. America is one of the only remaining developed countries in the world to STILL not have fully socialized health care…sorry not sorry, but a reasonable, standardized tax will ALWAYS be preferable to enormous premiums or outright refusal of care imo.

  38. montrealfilmguy says:

    As the great John Oliver said recently.."Tick tock motherfuckers ! "

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