10 Most Absurd Articles The Internet Has To Offer

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

10 Most Absurd Articles The Internet Has To Offer

10 most hilarious topics you can read about on the Wikipedia of how to do things. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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wikiHow is an online database full of how-to guides. These helpful instructions have assisted millions of people on how to change a flat tire, how to remove a virus from a computer, and how to unclog a toilet. But there are a handful of hilarious wikiHow articles that we couldn’t believe actually existed.

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I talked about the basic election system here, how our national media is reporting, what the Internet articles are saying on Hillary’s email scandal, the ultimate reason why Hillary is bad even as a politician etc. If you wanna skip to the media part, go to 2:50 or so.

You can read some of what they reported on their website and also watch the video hopefully *Use google translate or something!X)

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  1. ThinkingOfYou75 says:

    WikiHow literally has a guide for EVERYTHING.

  2. likira111 says:

    2:20 to be fair that IS the face I make while listing to my friends music recomendations.

  3. Ben Hardy says:

    How to become a ghost? ?

  4. emmie :3 says:

    3am WikiHows

  5. Crazed Dunmer says:

    2:19 Look Merry it's Frodo Baggins.

  6. andy life says:

    This is my app reason why I have good grades​.

  7. crazy kawaii says:

    watching this video after searching on wikihow?

  8. Lucy Unicorn says:

    Shit. I'm always drunk.

  9. Cutie Muffin says:

    BFF in the article stands for Bear Friend Forever!!!

  10. KittyCutey12 says:

    I actually talked about that badonkadonk thing in my video, but I was clueless when I make it. Finally knew what it means, lol

  11. Kieran K. says:

    Goes and looks all of these articles up.

  12. Gina Fiora says:

    How to annoy people in elevators? Hell yea!

  13. ifunnyface says:


  14. Eric Nwawel says:

    Talko: wanna fight try meh. Wiki: CASH ME OUSSIDE HOW BOW DAH YA HOE. Viewers: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

  15. Nausheen Shah says:

    Wait For the Sneaking you're Cat To Work Why the hell Did they show a Cat's Pussy 3:39 Or Whatever that Is Lol

  16. Rose Bishop says:

    watch top ten dumbest tweets, any of its like 30 something parts, and the icecube one make a whole lot of sense. yeah some people really shouldn't be allowes to reproduce

  17. proudblackjynx says:

    how to make stupid youtube videos that sound like watchmojo

  18. Prathap Kumar says:

    That ain't becoming a ghost… It's Astral projection, it's too hard to do

  19. I once killed A man with my shoe says:

    5:03, just go there

  20. Randomo says:

    Whenever I ask my friends for recommendations on anything they say "I don't know" then I look at there phone and they have so many things that I would ask recommendations like music or apps and I'm pissed off

  21. Benjamin Esposti says:

    GUESS WHAT? They're now investigating Hillary and her aides for the mishandling of classified information! (AKA the email scandal) … Yayayay! 😀
    Edit: for some reason she still has a security clearance. I dunno why the hell she still has one. Any regular government worker would get their clearance revoked upon dismissal…

  22. Toby Licious says:

    Yoko, Democrats did not chose Hillary to run for them, the DNC scuttled Bernie Sanders and forced it.

  23. Piggsy Lamb says:

    Pencil very dangerous as it can be rubbed out if lightly put on a card.

  24. Sunglare says:

    the state I'm in you have to give your name and then sign your name and its marked that you voted. no machines where I'm at yet thank god.

  25. Matthew Parrish says:

    Korera no monode wa, ku sori ga tsuyoidesu, watashi no josei!

  26. Matthew Parrish says:

    Shin'ainaru Yoko:
    Biru Burr wa dare mo kikubekide wanai osoroshi' iyana komedianshu. Kare wa watashi ga jibun jishin o nikumu no o fusegu. Naze ka wakaranaikedo, kare wa shite iru!
    Watashi wa anata ga watashi no yo' ni kare o tanoshimu o negatte imasu.

  27. Claire AwesomeSauce says:

    All hail the God-Emperor, President Trump.

  28. Munky Bidness says:

    Yey Trump won!!!

  29. Nashira smith says:

    Where is this "HUGE" Trump supporter since he won?

  30. Will River says:

    WE DID IT BAE BAEEEE! Trump won c;

  31. Matthew Parrish says:

    Wakai koro no Nihon no naisen no dokusho o oboete imasu.
    Itsutso no kotonaru guntai no itsutso no kotonaru ichizoku ga, otagai no nodo ni nagekonde, oza o shihai suru koto mo arimasu.
    Watashi wa kore ga gendai-ban de Amerika de okotte iru no o osorete imasu. Korera wa ikite iru ekisaitinguna jikan, a- utsukushi joseidesu!

  32. SKMC69 says:

    You could sit there and talk about ANYTHING and I would site here and watch for hours. Sweetness Overload !

  33. Matthew Parrish says:


    "Kuro no hito wa shakai no soto ni bure sa renakereba naranai zasso no yona monodesu."
    -Margaretto Sanga.
    "Watashi wa Margaretto Sanga o shosan, kanojo wa kanojo ga kanojo no bijon o courage-tenacity-!"
    -Hillar Kurinton.
    Donarudo Toranpu watashi mojidori Andorufu Hitora wa, koku kara dete seiko o eru koto waruguchi anata no subete no tame ni! Shinken ni! Anata mo RandomYoko no sonzai o hazukashi sa rete iru, anata wa mata, shakai no o shiri ni nikibidesu!

  34. MrDicekey says:

    Trump clearly said to Hillary's face, "If I win, I'll have a very special prosecutor and you're are going down!" Time to face the music, bitch!! Or has she already fled outside the US?

  35. lee wang says:

    wheres the video on trumps victory ,

  36. Aaron Misner says:

    I can't wait to see your video on Trump winning the election!

  37. Frank Zimmerman says:

    Hey randomyoko2, the election is over. Where is your victory video??!

  38. Matthew Parrish says:

    Anata no Toranpu ga shinde iru baai wa, jirai o tameshite mite kudasai!

  39. Matthew Parrish says:

    Lu koto wa nani ga arimasu ka, Yoko?
    Amerika wa kanzen ni shoki utsukushi-koku, i-esu-ga, watashitachi no hitobito suru ga dekimasu!

  40. Matthew Parrish says:

    Theexpendablesofficialthemesong-shinedown-diamondeyesHD@Youtube (Yokotube)

    Deplorables no mohitotsu no episodo!
    Soshite, amarini mo Nihon no soto FUCK, toranpu no demi-tai ni taiza!

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