10 Most Evil School Teachers To Ever Exist

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10 Horrible primary and high school teachers who beat, bullied and flogged their young students in class.
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School can be a difficult time. Arguments with fellow students. Peer pressure. Being bullied by other kids. But it is so much worse when the person behaving badly is your teacher. The majority of teachers are great examples to their pupils. But some teachers are truly evil. Their behavior begs belief.

We’re talking about bad teachers who bully their students. And scary teachers who flog young children. And mean teachers who beat pupils. Even teachers who bite the young people in their care. Children as young as 3 have been treated horrendously by the adults who are meant to look after them in school. Teenage girls have been attacked by their crazy male teachers. Pupils with special needs have been treated appallingly by their teachers, who dish out crazy punishments.

Find out some of the worst acts committed by teachers across the globe, from the U.S. and UK to China and Africa. You won’t believe such evil can exist in schools. But be warned, it makes for uncomfortable viewing.

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  1. Slender EnderBros says:

    In the 2nd grade me and my friend got punished in school for no reason,our punishment was to do a 70 page test under 60 min just because we did not know how to spell something.That was quite hard for 2nd graders

  2. jackichan red says:


  3. NicsSpirit says:

    I was really badly bullied at one of my schools so was prone to panic attacks, being knocked in the corridor to cause one. I once had a panic attack in lesson and the teacher dealt with it by grabbing my arm and dragging me out the classroom, I don't remember much after that because I passed out.

  4. Skyla Gosselin-Strongarm says:

    aha! they used an R5 video on here.

  5. krazy kat says:

    i love your channel please look at my channel & subscribe

  6. Luke Walsh says:

    When I was in 6 grade a bully told a teacher a lie that I had enough drugs then I was STRIP SEARCHED then found my tablets AND COMPLAINED THERE DRUGS cuz the bully got hold of them and put a drug sticker on then taken of me then my teacher talked to my pearants AND EVEN MY PARENTS SAID THEY WERE DRUGS then 3 days later it was revered I didint have drugs THE STUPID ROTTEN TEACHER SLAPPED ME ACROSS THE FACE THEN MY MOM SLAPPED THE TEACHER and then I was expelled

  7. Yuta Iwai says:

    Fat teachers are strict

  8. ROBUX CREEPER says:

    3:31 i watched that movie that girl had telekeniseis

  9. ROBUX CREEPER says:

    My 2nd grade teacher Was the best she gives us dunkin donuts mnms/mms prizes

  10. Juan Morales says:

    My worst time with a teacher was when me and two friends went to the principal in preschool for being funny and calling eachother clown butt faces while hanging on a big tube thing on the playground but we all did it for fun and we did not care we got in trouble a lot

  11. Pokemon lover says:

    Being pulled up by the collar of my shirt for humming in the hall! And he's lucky I didn't tell my mom

  12. Mohammed Alrqibat says:

    Mostly all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. sanic 1516 says:

    the teacher yelled at me for sharpening a pencil then sent me to the heads office.

  14. Dorene Mellene says:

    In the 8th grade I was beat over the back by my Spanish teacher Mrs. Debbie Miles while a teacher from another room held me down by my neck. He asked for forgiveness, but she never did. She knocked 2 bones out of place, and today I live in pain. The bones are pinching 2 nerves that go into each leg. The doctor said I shouldn't be able to walk, because according to the computer, it would be impossible. All this because a boy smashed my already broken fingers between our desks, and I screamed out in pain.

  15. Charlotte Brant says:

    How did I get onto this

  16. Emerald Light says:

    u saw the way the girl pulled her hair

  17. JefferyGames1018 - Team1018 (JefferyGames) says:

    In 1st grade, I was at raceland schools. Cambell Elementary. My teacher called the high school principal and he threatened to beat me with a paddle just for talking

  18. epic osva says:

    Mi teacher saw me doing something wrong. She told me lots of mean stuff. Then i said you could of just said no ?

  19. Merrida100 says:

    Growing up in the 60's this was commonplace and in most cases, the parents sided with the teachers, and did not protect their kids. It was all considered discipline, to make kids behave and respect authority. Our heads would be grabbed and smashed against the wall by our principal, we were bullied and singled out, paddled, and had to wear various "shaming" things. Punishments were very harsh as young kids for loss of bladder control.  I'm glad kids today don't endure this crap.  It scars.

  20. Serenity Cantrall says:

    My teacher a while ago.. well let's just say she had experience with molester

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