10 Olympic Athletes Caught CHEATING at the Games

Monday, January 29, 2018

10 Olympic Athletes Caught CHEATING at the Games

top 10 people who cheated at the olympic games
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Cheating has been a part of the Olympics Games since its creation. Individual players, coaches, even entire teams have been caught trying to up their advantage in one way or another. As the saying goes however, cheaters never prosper and at some point they are caught. At best they lose their standing or their metals. At worst, they are barred from participating at the Games for years or for life. Some wonder if the risk of being caught even makes the cheating worth it. Maybe they feel they will never be caught, that they can somehow slip under the radar and have their moment in the spotlight. In an event as big as the Olympics, there’s nowhere to hide and eventually the truth will out.
In every professional sport there is an aspect of cheating. Whether disqualified for doping or discredited for bribing the judges, in the end cheaters never really win. Here are ten Olympic Games cheaters from over the years.

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Top 10 professional athletes from the same team who fought each other

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Sports are basically the last place in western society in which violence is accepted, and even in competition, contact and aggression are starting to lose favor.
What people are forgetting, however, is that athletes are not just diligent workers and gifted competitors, but they are also, in many cases, huge egomaniacs. Add an egomaniac to a strong body and it’s sometimes a wonder that sports aren’t more violent. In some cases, whether athletes can or can’t get away with fighting opponents, they just end up fighting their own teammates.
It’s among the stupidest phenomena in the sports world, but it happens. Some coaches hate it, while others think it’s healthy for these men to rip each other to pieces on occasion. Ultimately when players turn their energy against teammates it may be counterproductive to team success, but it never fails to entertain. Here are the twenty most violent and brutal times teammates fought each other.

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