10 Parents Who Murdered Their Children

Friday, August 5, 2016

Welcome to Top 10 Archive! Though children are meant to be loved, sometimes that’s not always the case with some people. While they’re meant to be cared for, sometimes parents lose sight of their role and snap. Warning, the material found in this video may not be suitable for all audiences.

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10. Gary Sherrill
9. Timothy Ray Jones, Jr.
8. Dora Luz Buenrostro
7. Darlie Lynn Routier
6. Justin Ross Harris
5. Michelle Kehoe
4. Lacey Spears
3. China Arnold
2. Megan Huntsman
1. Andrea Yates

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2685365/EXCLUSIVE-The-shocking-tweet-Justin-Ross-Harris-accused-leaving-22-month-old-son-hot-car-die-NEW-INVENTION-Snooze-buttons-babies.html http://www.people.com/article/justin-ross-harris-pretrial-prostitutes-allegation-online-posting
http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/10/29/iowa.michelle.kehoe.trial/ http://www.cbsnews.com/news/michelle-kehoe-gets-life-sentence-for-killing-son-judge-denies-contact-with-surviving-son/


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Little boy’s kind gesture at an Arizona Diamondbacks game caught on tape.
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  1. Payton Perkins says:

    fuck every parint in this vidio

  2. Jamie The Mouse says:

    How the fuck did I get here from a Fred video ._.

  3. Cyril MARWICK says:

    Oh no

  4. GamingLordWilliam Irvine says:

    Sometimes I think these court options are not acceptable… Children are murdered… multiple and rarely the case is that they don't spend life in Jail, its life for life basically so why are politics not working to improve equality for justice?

  5. Amy Edwardson says:

    does anyone know autism is cause I have an Autism brother

  6. Pridefulebony says:

    I personally don't believe in mental illness. I believe in mental weakness and demon possession.

  7. bff adventures says:

    These people are sooooooooooo evil

  8. kodie schroeder says:

    So heartbreaking ?

  9. YRN MAMI says:

    how tf could you kill your own flesh and blood…how could you kill another human being for that matter

  10. Mr. Gamer Gawne says:

    These parents are retarded the kids should kill them

  11. T James says:

    It will be so good if people like them can't have children.

  12. Valor420 GT says:

    wtf killing baby at least i dont have mudder parents

  13. Elijah Tippens says:

    I hate that

  14. Elijah Tippens says:


  15. rachael ramos says:

    hellz na! those parents should be burnt to death

  16. Ruben Almanzar says:


  17. Nicholas Darling says:

    Number 9 is the worst

  18. Jordan Williams says:

    When white people MURDER THEIR OWN KIDS, shoot up schools & commit violence – their insane, somethings mentally wrong with them…

    when black people do those exact same things- their criminals, thugs & undeserving of any humane treatmemt..

    welcome to good ol USA..Were if ur black ur born guilty until proven innocent =)

  19. Jordan Williams says:

    yet black people r violent? ..lol….GTFOH. …

  20. Jennifer Simms says:

    They need to kill them the way they killed those poor kids. why should we have to pay for them to live in prison where they get to they don't have to do anything. while those poor kids never get to have a life . that just makes me sick

  21. TheCuckooPerson SQUAAA says:

    I think "Ian" is 16 years old right now.

  22. baseballman74 says:

    Awesome kid!

  23. Cedric Buzubona says:

    3,000th comment

  24. Ray Le says:

    I'm pretty sure the man told him to give it to the younger boy.

  25. GermanAnimeFans says:

    Such a fine young boy. Nice that they rewarded his generosity in such a cool way.

  26. trinity frazier says:

    you guys need to be quiet, don't you have anything better to do! what that boy did was very nice so just be quiet. I mean haven't any of you ever heard the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"? I mean come on

  27. Robynn James says:

    it did it without complaining tho

  28. Kristin & Joe Falasca says:

    I would have kept it

  29. gregnice25 says:

    Bless that kid's heart.

  30. Alison Bleiweiss says:


  31. Thecritic2013 says:

    this ain't generosity he was told to give it to the crybaby who didn't even say thank you.

  32. Pit Bulls says:

    So now when you get a ball, give it to some little kid around there and you will get something better

  33. soul rust says:

    Whats is the important about one baseball

  34. Midnightrambler3760 says:

    I have seen adults knock kids over for a ball

  35. Alex Bouters says:

    AWWW ; )

  36. hazys day (vernable haze) says:

    that was really awesome !

  37. Stephen Mata says:

    The mom should at least say thank you

  38. Snow_ Beat says:

    When I went to a NYC game my family got 3 balls from 1 game.

  39. ItzDarKWolfZx says:

    Patrick smith is that you?

  40. Mr.superfancygamer says:

    Bandwagon hit that little kid hard

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