10 People Who Turned Into Plastic

Monday, September 11, 2017

top 10 people who got plastic surgery and now look like real life dolls
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  1. Horse lover Mikayla Shepard says:

    The third person's fine but all the others are kind of ugly

  2. Turska aka Codfish says:

    Makes me feel sick to watch all these people trying make themselves look "perfect". They look worse than the "ugly" people.

  3. Sarah Dellapi says:


  4. Purple Quish Alicando says:

    There just wasting their money!

  5. Rita Rai says:

    Oh!!!!!!!????so horible telling bad for them?????????

  6. Pet world Hernandez fnaf world says:

    These people are crazy

  7. Kaity G says:

    Kim Kardashian doesn't even have tattoos, does she?

  8. Jayani Ghosh says:

    5:095:13 whar does that mean ?

  9. Viveck Shail says:

    Just love ur self how u r ☺

  10. Aroma Anas says:

    All are so.. ugh kill me !!

  11. bibiche Munkana says:

    I took Surgery On my lips Because One day it was hearting Way to much so ya

  12. Wea Boo says:

    I'm from the Philippines. Specifically in Calamba also.

    Yes,I don't know him.

  13. bába v maringotce TV says:

    vygumovaný hovado

  14. CrinGQueen YT says:

    Be honest if u think some of these are ugly…

  15. Brendan Ing says:

    Eeewwww anime girl disgusts me.

  16. Jeon Victoria says:

    I'm sorry but Anastasia Shpagina have not plastic,she only changed her nose, doctors lie her,her eyes make up too
    if I have this money I will visit Korea?

  17. Gizella Autida says:

    Anastasiya spagina and valeria lukyanova are friends

  18. Rucka in lego 4324400 says:

    LOL they turn into plastic they make me laugh so hard they reminds me of my sister's Barbie

  19. sangi khaiangte says:

    they are ugly

  20. Nikki Phantom says:

    He had his eyebrows tattooed and that's what he went with ?

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