Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome to Top10Archive! Global warming has been in the news for years with experts debating back and forth on what possibly could occur if nothing is done to curb its adverse effects. Global warming isn’t the consequence of one singular scenario, but the combination of several detrimental events that all intertwine with one another. We’ll start with the melting polar regions and trickle down to the extermination of entire species here in our top ten global warming outcomes.

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10. Melting Glaciers in Polar Regions
9. Rising Sea Level
8. Methane Emission
7. Storm Activity
6. Droughts and Heat Waves
5. Disease
4. War and Conflict
3. Economic Consequences
2. Loss of Biodiversity
1. Ecosystem Extinctions


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  1. ap0lmc says:

    Antarctica has increased in ice thickness. Explorers a hundred years ago measured the ice and they're thicker today.

  2. SPACEGATE says:

    SPACEGATE has the answer, please check it out thanks.

  3. FatxPeoplexMeet.com says:

    They call it climate change now not even global warming because until 2 years ago the earth didn't warm at all for the previous 14 years. Plus the global temperature has only risen 1.7 degrees since 1880. Also there is no correlation between co2 and rising temperatures. Did you know not one global warming prediction has come true?The arctic was supposed to be gone by 2008 and Mount Kilimanjaro was supposed to have no snow on its peak.Even NASA is beginning to reject the theory at this point. We are most likely just going through a warming period which has happened many times before in earths history. I encourage you all to watch Steven Crowder's video on the subject.

  4. tyrone shoelaces says:

    Hasn't the earth been heating and cooling for billions of years?

  5. busterthekingdog says:

    Holy shit! You dumbasses still believe in this shit! Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|||||||

  6. Ilikadasauce says:


  7. ALEX says:

    At this point if you don't accept all the facts scientists have shown regarding climate change, it just means a rich oil tycoon bought a piece of your crappy brain and inserted his words, so they come out of your mouth. If this is you, than you're a tool.

  8. Chris Schene says:

    I don't care about global warming: 10-12,000 years ago most of North America was covered in Glaciers and since then the sea levels have risen 120-140 feet. So what if they rise another 20 feet!

    The best thing about is that a sea level rise of 20 feet will wipe out the coastal cities where the leftist elites are concentrated and a 20 foot Sea Level rise will wipe out their wealth and take away their power.

    I also don't care what happens to the Polar bears: that is evolution and natural selection and if they can't survive in a warmer world, they should die off.

  9. Coby Washo says:

    Everyone who says global warming is a myth must stay back on earth when we colonize mars

  10. Edward White says:

    Global warming is fake. We are thawing out and finding past living humans that have been living in much warmer conditions with less to work with than us. We have TOO MUCH WATER. WE need to dry out

  11. vin russo says:

    That polar bear picture has already been laughed at. Anyway. Japan record cold and record snow in 2013 and 2015, Australia coldest winter on record, Europe cold records broken all over Europe. China has had a unbelievably cold cold early winter, even Africa is breaking records. South Africa coldest in 150 years. Snow in Israel even in the Sahara. And of course this is the 3rd year in a row for cold records in the US. So the Globe is warming? I named every continent that matters.Just Google cold record winters and name a continent and read it yourself.2014-2016 have been the coldest years on record in many parts of the world. The US also.They will never admit defeat.

  12. MagicN9ne says:

    You folks ever heard of 'chem-trails' that's probably what's been warming the globe!

  13. x0102 says:

    Muh six gorillion polar bears

  14. TheBigGuy3380 says:

    Melting glaciers lmao. Liberals and their so called scientists push their global warming agenda crap that it is happening where PEOPLE DONT LIVE. Do you ever hear them once say that a certain state or city is being directly affected? No, they always say it's happening in the attic and the ocean which is an extremely huge area so all they have to do is take a picture of glaciers in the water with nothing in the background like a street sign, billboard, landmark or anything to PROVE that's where it's being taken exactly. Polar bears are not only doing fine, but their also thriving. When the scientists went to Antarctica, they got stuck. It's one thing to debate global warming. It's another thing to say they need billions of dollars to fight it. Nobody seems to study their history and look at what the temp has been for thousands of years and how much it's fluctuated. Weather people can't even tell you exactly what the temperature will be in 10 days. Lots of people are so stupid and can't think for themselves. They think their is no way the news and our leaders would lie to us, but this past election is what proves them wrong. The main news networks said Hillary was ahead and was going to win by a landslide, but the opposite is what happened. Too many people rely on believing what they hear instead of doing their own research. Follow up on stories, like I said about the polar bears. Lastly, look into all the green energy companies Obama put money into and they failed big time…Solyndra is one of them. Their so called hybrid car batteries are COAL POWERED. Do you see any with solar panels on them or being run by a windmill because that is what true green energy is. It should cost nothing and the only money involved is what the consumer is saving. Follow the money and do your own research. For anyone that gardens knows that increased co2 is great for the earth, not bad. Lastly, look who pushes the global warming rhetoric the most…the left.

  15. MagicN9ne says:

    First it was 'global warming' then certain spots on the globe started getting colder so they changed it to 'climate change', we're supposed to believe that Carbon Dioxide is responsible for cooling as well as warming the planet?

  16. ImJustAGuyFromNorway ChillOutM8 says:

    Fuck donald trump??

  17. Disabler says:

    Scare tactics the use to boss us around. Religion and threatening people with hell doesnt work anymore so they use doomsday profecies instead..

  18. Samuel S. says:

    I wish global warming would happen now, it's so cold! ???????

  19. Brian Deezy says:

    the earth has been through thousands of warming and cooling cycles over 4 billion years.Democrats do not have magical powers. giving them money will not change the temperature or climate or arctic ice sheet or whatever. this is natural.

  20. Hugh Mungus says:

    Global Warming BS. These same scientists cant predict the weather 10 days out, when I was a kid we had 1000 years tops, then it was 100 years, the other day I heard 20 years. Make up your fucking mind

  21. Therealhatepotion says:

    Maybe it could be possible? That's the best answer you could get? What a pair of idiots! Did he get his phd in fast food science

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