11. How to write journal or conference paper using templates in MS Word 2007?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Md Aktaruzzaman
Assistant Professor, IUT, Gazipur, Bangladesh
PhD Student, Monash Uni, Melbourne, Australia
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  1. Santi Gallardo says:

    what's the song video? love it

  2. Ravina Shukla says:

    i want to make review papaer can anyone help me

  3. liu can says:

    This video helps me so much. Thank you professor.

  4. Hamda Farah says:

    Dop you are fuck Islam is really religion in world u are ignorant fuck stupid Dop u are like animals

  5. Apeksha Mazumdar says:

    Please help me to download the template of macros spring for Ms word… Please help me

  6. maddy sharma says:

    any video on reference writing please sir

  7. seum rahman says:

    can anyone please provide IEEE template download link?

  8. Milind Khairnar says:

    Great Help! Sir.

  9. Sue ila says:

    For macros (Springer) referring to the author section, how to add second and third author side by side and separated with dotted ?

  10. Praghash K says:

    thanq professor,

  11. Sir ji Sharma says:

    how to download the template for springer journal (as you have shown?). I could not find the template for MS word. Can you plz provide the link?

  12. Bee Mall says:

    thank you for the guidance

  13. Asif Islam says:

    You are always inspiration of our batch and you proved it . May Allah bless you always .

  14. Asif Islam says:

    Great work aktar vai 🙂 Miss you those IUT days!!!

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