13 Secrets to a Great Relationship!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

13 Secrets to a Great Relationship!

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Each of us comes into contact with a lot of people every single day. We at Bright Side have noticed one important thing about the relationships we develop: it’s really not that difficult to distinguish between those relationships that work and those that are dysfunctional.


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  1. LoveMe.com says:

    Being honest and being able to be yourself means your in a great relationship. Being able to share secrets and stuffs.

  2. Rachel Belnap says:

    Most intimate secrets=Teddy bear

  3. Bretislavka says:

    Of course that you can have a secrets! With others I argee…

  4. Selena Hadzija says:

    You tell people do not teach how to live but usually you teach us.

  5. Michelle Guadalupe Felix Garcia says:

    You need to make videos accessible for people with visual impairments. This is unfair

  6. Grace Wright says:

    This just shows behaviors to me. It doesn't really help you. That's just my opinion.

  7. Ana Victoria says:

    Me encanta !!

  8. Ashlyn Synix says:

    it was 999 likes, and I liked it so I made it turn 1K ?

  9. I Love Cake says:

    The women are always the bad ones in your vids change it up a bit there are bad guys too you know there are more bad guys then bad women.

  10. DragonSwordMountain says:

    Everything is common sense OMG!! A toothbrush is for cleaning your teeth, well duh. Ask and you shall receive. No, we can't be too honest with our partners, we keep some secrets from our parents and we must do with our wives, you know what happened in Boy Meets World when Topanga played the truth and honesty game with Corey, break up, it's a trap. Tell me something that you find annoying about me. Nothing. Come on be honest, something little, i promise i won't bite. Well, you have a knack to be nagging all the time. OMG i don't nag, how could you!!!

  11. Hobbit Fan86 says:

    All the red "x's" were ALL my ex-boyfriend's!

  12. Kyle Pritchard says:


  13. Diana D says:

    Guess my relationship is in trouble.

  14. N1 A says:

    What if my partner's hobbie is smoking weed???

  15. Mercy says:

    very true

  16. osnapitz nate says:

    lol. I can't understand a bit. because I'm in love with myself

  17. XxKawaii ArtxX says:

    im seeing this video even tho single ?☺?????

  18. spiritussublime says:

    You feel calm…while they're out flirting and cheating. It's YOUR fault you're insecure!!!! LULZ

  19. Divyesh Goundar says:

    i turst this channel than 5 minute craft because its original

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