1994 Article Predicted 2016 Political Reality (read description under video)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here’s a description of why this article is so prophetic.

0:25 – 0:57 – New information technology has been turned to malign ends. This is talking about the people who have realized they can publish fake news and profit with advertising. The “hearts’ desires” part is talking about how we can feel our political views are validated, all because we found a page that agrees with us.

1:03 – 1:26 – It could be said that this is talking about the information we give to websites like Facebook.

1:26 – 1:46 – This is talking about how we have the desire to only follow the pages that make us feel good, and hide the pages that make us feel bad. It also talks about how people can write false stories and publish them directly to the people who have chosen, using their emotions instead of facts, to follow the pages.

1:47 – 2:16 – This is talking about how we can “master” the virtual world so that it can be “completely shaped to our wishes”. You could say this is talking about how you can show the pages that make you feel good in terms of your political views, and hide the pages that challenge your views and make you think.

2:18 – 2:52 “People will exploit it” is talking about the people who run fake news pages. But this also says that they have the right to publish false news stories. They may not have this right on Facebook since it’s a business with terms and conditions, but people have the right to publish fake news on a website that they own.

2:52 – 3:10 – The people this part is talking about who “have built yet another pharaonic monument to wealth, avarice and indifference” is all of us who participate in publishing and/or reading fake news.

While some may say fake news has been around for a long time, I believe today’s fake news problem is primarily about the internet, and not so much television news or newspapers.

This is a clip from a video I released in December 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZlxLKT6LEg.
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CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash counts down the top ten moments that defined the 2016 political season.
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  1. ☠MrHairyNutz☠ says:


  2. Pedro The Mexican says:

    CNN, You single-handedly handed Trump the victory by circle-jerking your own myopic agenda driven misinformation to the constituency that depends on you for correct perspective. See you in 2020.

  3. WEAKKNEED says:

    Trump is a fool and he appeals to fools, who sadly are a significant part of the American midwest and south. 2,9 million more Americans voted against Trump, but just 44,000 fools elected dumbshit electors in support of the clown prince.

  4. Patrick Forrest says:

    This isnt a top 10 list its just a chronological list of 10 moments in order

  5. officertryhard1 says:

    Typical establishment news media. Doesn't even mention sanders.

  6. macpony2571780 says:

    CNN didn't mention how shocked we were to find out how they rigged a debate they hosted in Hillary's favor Obama should put sanctions on them

  7. The Chosen One says:


  8. liberal left destroyer says:

    it's been a great year for politics. people power rules. Marie le pen 2017 hopefully

  9. Dragn_Slyr 2011 says:

    iv got a good one CNN what about when trump lined all the rape victims in the front seats on the debate and made Hillary's husband look like a total sissy oh but no FUCK YOU CNN AND FUCK HILLARY CLINTON TOO

  10. Dragn_Slyr 2011 says:


  11. NewDealProgressive says:

    Not one mention of Bernie Sanders? What a bunch of shills.

  12. Jesse Wu says:

    Dana sounds like she's underwater

  13. Verborgene Wahrheit says:


  14. Azolio Eroach says:

    Pepe the frog is going to be CASTRATED in 2017!

  15. SpyingDutchman says:

    WARNING : FAKE NEWS Detected !!

  16. Jester Trump says:

    Putin has trump by the neck, if trump dares to disobeys, the Russian will release Trump's extremely dirty filthy emails, phone conversations, fraudulent transaction documents, Trump's medicine list, cocaine drug use, tax return and Trump personal letters to others. Also we will expose his homosexuality. There's alot of dirty documents on trumps part.

  17. Kaiva Mannam says:

    Didnt even mention Bernie Sanders

  18. Sky Captain says:

    This channel CNN needs to be fined by Germany for half a million dollars because it's FAKE NEWS

  19. Alvalanker Highwind says:


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