3 Horrifying TRUE Human Trafficking Stories

Monday, October 10, 2016

3 Horrifying TRUE Human Trafficking Stories – Tell the people you care about how you feel about them. You may not get another chance.

✚ PREVIOUS HORROR STORY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eELiPz5B6Ok

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  1. Maria lujano says:

    If my best friend disappeared like that I would never forget that. I wouldn't be able to cope with life . That's so upset I'm so sorry for this girl.

  2. potato Jack says:

    What did the first story take place in?

  3. Izabella Rasmussen says:

    Saddest, most scariest video ever. This one is the most scary video ever I've seen on Dr. Horror. Screw those horror stories. This is chilling and just… horrifying.

  4. Sardine Sam says:

    I have a gallon of Mace, a 250 V Taser, and a Glock 21. This hopefully won't happen to me.

  5. Just For Comments :D says:

    Wtf humans are sick. I'm actually speechless right now. Fuck everybody who does all of this… the devil is real. I pray to God that one day humans find peace. But as long as we let the devil inside us, we will never accomplish our goals of peace and love. God bless all of you, I hope you accept the Lord Jesus Christ our savior. And I am not pushing this unto any of you. I am just speaking my religion, I do not wish to offend anyone. The choice is yours, but do know the devil IS out there. Do not let him win.

  6. Real AMR says:

    bro can u speak normal not like a creep lol

  7. Regina George says:

    Your voice is so sexy ?

  8. Christine Snow says:

    You voice is chilling

  9. Mari Camino says:

    This is why, I don't talk to people in general. It is not just men. Women are disgusting as well. Many women, like the second, do indeed help or even themselves do these crimes. This world is fucked up, because Satan corrupted everything. I pray, each time to Jehovah and thank him, for giving me another day to be alive. Even when I had a rough path as a kid, I didn't realize til I got older the seriousness of this filth as I was growing up as a teen. This world is indeed corrupted. And the stupid Zionist, Social Justice Warriors, etc defend these scumbags. How? By claiming Transgender bathroom laws. Like Target. How many more victims, will it take, for people to stop and actually think? It is not about human rights, it is about scumbags getting away with these crimes. Thank God, Armageddon is close, to finally finish off these people and Satan. Into the lake of fire, where they belong. If prison isn't enough to straighten the shut out. Then with God, it will. But it will be too late, and they'll be destroyed. 

  10. TheNat says:

    The daughter and mother in the first story are fucking retards!

  11. Pixilated Square says:

    I watch Mr. Nightmare and I would not sub. But for you I will

  12. Devon Schmidt says:

    my human trafficking assistance is a 12 gauge doing that around my family is a good way to end up dead

  13. Lucina Mendez says:

    where do you get these stories?

  14. Emma A says:

    that's why I codes with all of them

  15. Gia Cel says:

    Could you do more kidnapping stories. Thx

  16. LOVE TO DRAW says:

    Omg I love the stories you do they are so good and your voice is just so amazing I will always like your videos and not subscribed because I already am subscribe to your channel, your channel is growing and I hope you get to your goal

  17. CuthuluGaming 42 says:

    Doctor Horror: I thank you for the videos you post. You and a few other channels I will not advertise got me into this kinda "genre" of videos. You have earned my subscribe and likes.

  18. joshua plays roblox notority and more says:

    sorry fliped

  19. joshua plays roblox notority and more says:

    last night I had a man in the window and foiled him off as I can kill a bitch with my hands then he resides its a good idea to bring out a knife so I say break the window I dare u cause I've got enough lead to feed u that u will fucking be in a hospital then he saw I had a gun and left

  20. sporeguy99 says:

    These stories don't scare me but righteously piss me off. I usually advocate forgiveness but I would love nothing more than to brutally punish all those who participate in it.

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