3 Must Read Articles For Growing Your Amazon FBA Business – My Commentary

Thursday, April 20, 2017

3 Must Read Articles For Growing Your Amazon FBA Business - My Commentary

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How your side hustle delays your real business – https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/285439

How to make your business more efficient – https://www.entrepreneur.com/native/n?prx_t=jVUCAB4AKAXxsPA

3 ways to win by competing on quality, not price – http://www.forbes.com/sites/williamvanderbloemen/2016/12/22/3-ways-to-win-by-competing-on-quality-not-price/3/#4faeaaaa7a4d

There are many ways to grow a business, but do you know what those ways are? If there is one thing that I want to be able to teach you right now, it is that you can always be better. I read a lot of articles, watch a lot of videos, and listen to many podcasts because I want to be the best that I can be. You should do the same.



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  1. Mohammad Khan says:

    Adam good job

  2. Red Vanderbilt says:

    for the first article, what about having a day job that is related to your business. It would harness skill, help on marketing, building relationships with target customers and other essential contacts

  3. CaliforniaArchitect says:

    Good video. I like the idea of article reviews and your commentary.

  4. Mike Mitchell says:

    Recently started watching some of Tai's videos, came away with the feeling that he was trying to take advantage of people. Don't get that w you though, your passion for teaching people what you've learned seems genuine.

    Some of us don't watch your videos, we study them. IMO you're a blessing for people like me who are determined to master these skills and improve quality of life.

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