$33.34 GOBLIN GUIDE REPRINT – Modern Masters 2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017

.34 GOBLIN GUIDE REPRINT - Modern Masters 2017

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  1. Tempest and a Computer says:

    I would love to see this get to at least $10. Something like 15-20 is far more understandable, but $40 for a set sounds like a great thing to look forward to 😀

  2. Flash Flayer says:

    I love the new art

  3. John Cummings says:

    So essentially everyone who pre-ordered at 180 are about to be canceled? ha

  4. Phantom Gaming says:

    I hope they made many many 1000 boxes of modern masters 3 because I want to buy a playset of goblin guide but I can't buy anything that is over 40 $ and I don't fancy buying 1 card and then reorder and repeating the process 3 times because the card costs 32 $.
    FYI. any order over 40-42 $ costs more than I am allowed to order from abroad for free. if it costs more I pay a toll, which makes the price at least twice of the original, so… now they need to reprint Vexing devil too and I'm good, that card is around 10 $ each, which is just too much for a deck recommended for newer players in modern (Red deck wins).

  5. deadpool says:

    goblin guide, fetch lands, and domination!!!

  6. Poorproplayer says:

    So like what was all of this bitching about modern masters 2017 being complete shit?

    "herp derp da package is not gud card on it boycott modern masta 2017 fuck wotc they only like standard"

    Ahh can't go a day without the masses finding something to complain and cry about.

  7. Josephine Ciendeilio says:

    A red deck wins under a $100? That would be great. I am also ecstatic about this reprint. As it would be a nice to pick up one of each of the Goblin Guides with their different artworks.

  8. Jean Pablo says:

    fuck the old art, derp

  9. Brotherly Love says:

    fucking called it linvala is next boys

  10. Brandon Kruse says:

    You say you want Modern in the hands of the players until we have another Eldrazi winter. WoTC has to keep the format balanced or it will inevitably become a pile of unfair garbage and die.

  11. JtPetrin says:

    Again, players are going to unload their cards now. Prices will start dropping before release. Back to $5-$6 a month after release? Oh, and the new art is pretty ugly.

  12. Ottawa3453 says:

    Loving the art with the goblin holding the map about to cross the suspended rope bridge 😛

  13. Zachary Isami says:

    The first modern deck I played was burn, then twin, then infect, now death shadow

  14. Zachary Isami says:

    Will become 15 dollars at its low probably

  15. binn2trader says:

    Do u think tcg will cancel my preorder?

  16. binn2trader says:


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