5 Advanced Rules to use Articles (an, an, the) correctly | Mistakes with Articles | English Grammar

Monday, May 13, 2019

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5 Advanced Rules to use ‘Articles (an, an, the)’ correctly | Mistakes with Articles | English Grammar Lesson to improve your writing skills.

You are looking to learn the correct use of English articles, that’s how you’ve landed on this English Grammar lesson. You know what are English articles (a, an, the) and you also know how to use them while speaking English, you know what are definite articles and indefinite article, but do you know when to use and when not to use articles in English. Many students make mistakes in English Grammar while using articles as they follow the basic rules taught in school. In this English Grammar lesson learn some advanced grammar rules on how to use articles in spoken & written English. Correct your English mistakes with Articles.

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5 Advanced Rules to use ‘Articles (an, an, the)’ correctly | Mistakes made with Articles


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  1. Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons says:

    Watch More Grammar Lessons Here –

  2. Arpit Paropate says:

    thanks you so much to share a very knowledge thing but i write The INDIA where it is right or wrong.if uk and us use the uk and the us why we not.please reply.

  3. Just Forsee says:

    Often???? Wrong

  4. Govind Patil says:

    I love youe style od speaking…really nice….

  5. harsh reality of world says:

    Mam beef bolna zruri h na ..apko…angrez my bna kro….thik h aap padha rhe ho..mgr AP Hindu ho…ya apko dekhne wale Hindu ho sakte h…u disappointed me….it hurts to me…

  6. Omer Bawaseem says:

    About not using the-article with holidays, can I say in the weekends or just without the ? Thanks for this informative video

  7. Aslam parvez says:

    A boy is going to school.
    in this sentence why we don't use 'THE' at first

  8. subed ali says:

    plz help us to take a screenshot..

  9. Naseem khan says:

    Plural uncountable noun= abstract noun

  10. deepak ganesan says:

    Hi Ceema! Nice video on articles and I loved it.Thanks for the video.

  11. trumanhw says:

    This is actually INCREDIBLY useful for comedians who want to imitate accents — as it's VERY hard for someone who speaks a language natively to imagine how a foreign speaker would make mistakes, so precisely, that they can replicate it.

    Being able to reverse engineer the syntactic errors requires THINKING IN THE SYNTAX of the foreign speaker! The errors are only errors in the new language. This is because you learn SYNTAX after words. Perhaps people should practice syntax of the new language with the words of their old language, so that they relate very logically, and can apply them more easily.

    Thank you for this lesson, even though I get these rules for my language, I don't for those that I want to learn (like Spanish) … and more broadly, because this includes hearing someone very precisely identify errors, which is also logic. 🙂

  12. Yogendra Pokhrel says:

    Honest is uncountable then why do we use "An"

  13. Naeem Ullah says:

    It is just an information . Is this sentence wrong ?

  14. Tarin Islam says:

    Citizen 100 questions about

  15. sree prakash says:

    Thank you ma am it's great to me

  16. mad creations says:

    then could you tell me the rule of question tag

  17. Vikuute Li says:

    proteIN not protien 😀 🙂

  18. CHANDRU kolar Shankaranna song says:

    Thanks for ur video 😍

  19. Ahmed Ghraiby says:

    It was such an amazing lesson indeed thanks.

  20. preety Angel says:

    Hey mam!! Why we have to use article "a"…a miracle cuz miracle is uncountable

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