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Friday, March 17, 2017

5 Best Interview Tips From HRcrest.com
Let’s be very practical. Many experts have suggested through articles, interviews, forums etc., that one needs to very original in one’s approach at the time of interview. Many people followed this principle as a sincere and prospective candidate, but the end result was not very conducive. Many of us have heard these famous lines at the time of feedback from the interviewer/s-“Better luck next time, you were good but our job demands something else, you are not the right fit for this job, thanks you so much for being here…”and it goes on…Surprising right!!! Don’t be. Always remember- always speak what the interviewer wants to hear from you. Or expects you to speak…Therefore, at times you need to act by projecting what you are not. And that’s why you prepare yourself hard; attend personality development classes; joining language classes and what not. This clearly states that the world follows a particular dimension within which we need to enact… Otherwise, no matter how original or good you are, if you fail to live up to the preformed standards, you are always going to fall short to the finishing line. And this is very much applicable when we talk about ‘facing interviews’.
5 Best Interview Tips | HR Crest


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