5 Earth-Crushing Natural Disasters That Could Happen TOMORROW! | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #63

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The planet we call home is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode…
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  1. Valentin Rybin says:

    Mega T H R U S T. ( ͡°³ ͡°)

  2. lis says:

    Praise!! Jesus!! His Wrath!! Is Holy!! Get Away From The Coasts … Prepare!! The Day Of Jonah!! Is Going To Happen…. Jesus Wants You To Repent!! Now!! Save Yourselves!! Surrender To God!! ,

  3. lis says:

    Praise!! Jesus!! His Wrath!! Is Holy!! Get Away From The Coasts … Prepare!! The Day Of Jonah!! Is Going To Happen…. Jesus Wants You To Repent!! Now!! Save Yourselves!! Surrender To God!!

  4. ConcededHadesIV says:

    Either tornadoes or earthquakes…. Fuck me

  5. Nikki Villemaire says:

    The last time I felt an earthquake was a few years ago. I was at home, messing around on my computer, when all of a sudden, my family hears a loud bang. We rush outside to see what happened and after seeing nothing wrong in our neighborhood, we tried to figure out what happened. A car crash and a thunderstorm were suggested, but it was I, who thought it was an earthquake; of course, everyone else didn't believe it was an earthquake. It wasn't til a little while after, that my older brother, who's a semi truck driver, called while he was out on the road in his truck, that he confirmed that it was an earthquake.

  6. Daniel Dieni says:

    lmao all of these are based to America or japan or countrys close to that location…. glad im in aus :D, can't wait to see the destruction of America

  7. Pestilenssi says:

    'Little friction can cause alot of trouble'… ???

  8. KillerJuggs says:

    I live an hour north of Sacramento, CA…

  9. Saffron Freya says:

    Reasons to be grateful that I live in England.

  10. I love you. says:

    shouldn't've fuckin' watched this now i'm paranoid

  11. Satomi Ishida says:

    For everyone that thinks they're safe on the East Coast—- did you all forget that you get flooding currently, too much snow sometimes, hurricanes that can go as high as New York City, and tornadoes in some areas, among other things I'm probably forgetting? Nowhere is safe.

  12. Dreamz, inc. says:

    Welp, better start investing in bottlecaps!

  13. A Diversion says:

    Can they happen today too? Or only tomorrow?

  14. yu gi mons says:

    Yellowstone if it eroups this cuntury then it WILL NOT cuse enough damage to do any of that

  15. champynk says:

    There's been quite a bit of activity off the Vancouver coast lately, magnitude 4 and 5's. So about that big one…..

  16. main man says:

    mm how come California is the one getting??! but all the time I have been in California I have only been in two earthquake and they were not that bad but you can say that I was lucky.

  17. main man says:

    oh no I'm going to have to leave home but I have always lived in California?

  18. Pokemon & DBZ fan don't judge says:

    7:31 what I want to know is

    will Michigan survive the super volcano

  19. Kayla Owen says:


  20. Cabaret Macabre says:


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