6 Recent Archaeological Discoveries That Could REWRITE History

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

6 Recent Archaeological Discoveries That Could REWRITE History

Here are some of the most amazing recent archeological scientific discoveries that could rewrite human history.

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Scientific discoveries that remain unexplained… (HD – 03/2015)

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Images courtesy of NASA, NSF/J. Yang, Miguel Marques, ynse, Micah Baldwin, Horizons, PA, Carmen Rodriguez, Laurine Moreau, Damien Jemison/LLNL, Kevin Payravi.

Hastatic Order :

Variable Constants :

Disappearance of Ancient Europeans :

Tetraneutrons :

Ultra-Energetic Cosmic Rays :

Placebo Effect :

Placebo Effect: Unsolved Mystery of the Human Body and Mind

Kuiper Cliff :

Does Planet X exist?

C-Value Enigma :

Cold Fusion :

Dark Energy & Dark Matter :
Telescope to Hunt for Missing 96% of the Universe


  1. Brian Jordan says:

    The "Roman" sword found near Oak island was found to be a decrative piece made in the 1800s.

  2. Treas Jackman says:

    Your videos are educational and fun to watch !!! Keep up the amazing work ???

  3. Marko Ketola says:

    Thanx for good videos. I'm no expert. But the danish cross is not christ. It looks more like Völund, the blacksmith who made wings to escape. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayland_the_Smith?wprov=sfla1

  4. Icaro Arthur says:

    Man, you are awesome!

  5. Benjamin McCoy says:

    Cambodia has a massive sex trade.  I'm pretty sure anyone who knows anything about the world cultures would know that.

  6. Alexander Gomez says:

    the middle east didn't invent agriculture because the native people of america also had some farming.
    and I wonder what killed the native Americans

  7. Cookie Rulz says:

    is this guy related to Jackie chan

  8. Vincent L says:

    Mike, you are on the right track in questioning present day beliefs. I have been watching a lot of your videos including watching you eat noodles etc. I have been commenting on any video I watch that tells their viewers to keep an open mind. Three weeks ago, I happened to watch on YouTube the Solomon's Gold Series number 7. It was titled Track the Hebrews to the Philippines. BTW I have been in TX but born and raised in Philippines. What we were taught growing up was nothing compared to what the God Culture has shown in the whole series (1-10 + several extra videos).

  9. Boonswangle B. Goodtimes says:

    More more more!!! Hero's work here sir.

  10. Persephone Rothlion says:

    lol. "the middle yeast" 😛

  11. Roger Browning says:

    can you do a video on the Horse Creek petroglyphs in West Virginia

  12. Julio Smith says:

    Lots of speculation here. Fill in the gaps

  13. masum khan khan says:

    bro please up ur mic volume

  14. Danny Bun says:

    Ohhh Cambodia!

  15. Mountain Dew says:

    Hey mike, your videos are so good please notice me your are so cool

  16. tea42 says:

    Excellent video, Thanks.

  17. Paki Bey says:

    peace family

  18. Luna Vail says:

    My school didn't cover this I wonder what else they didn't cover

  19. Tom Schneider says:

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Jose Garcia says:

    I'm a herion addict and I forgot how much I love history thanks for the videos I will over come these disease I will beat it and I am going to make videos about my progress

  21. brightbite says:

    Could dark matter and energy be these shadow alternate universes/realities we hear about?

  22. Raize Tech says:

    i just discovered i have a girlfriend..

  23. Jace Neuman says:

    f this

  24. Goran Vukša says:

    Actually, although not all of human dna codes for proteins, today we know that over 80% of dna is functional (aka. it codes for something), and these are mostly functional and expression genes.

  25. Quintin Garvin says:

    tell some physicists that need god in they life. to stop riding other professors' Dick.

  26. Keegan Tamburello says:

    Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays…..

    This video is for dumbasses

  27. LordBLB says:

    Ugh… thumbs down to the dumb…

  28. Ruckster Vic says:

    The experimental data of Number 7, the tetra neutron has been shown to be flawed. It is known as the "Marques' experiment" and in the 16 years since it was first done it has never been reproduced because it probably does not exist. However firing an Helium-8 atom at a Helium-4 nucleus may produce a resonance tetra neutron with a life time a about 10 to the -21 seconds. Although this too has not been confirmed. The existence of a resonance tetra neutron fits into the standard model of quantum mechanics so technically the idea of a tetra neutron is neither new nor puzzling.

  29. Andy S says:

    Please change the music… it takes the desire of watching out 🙂

  30. Sean Nanoman says:

    I had a cold fusion reactor but I dropped it on a solar roadway and it broke. 🙁 Oh well.

  31. Sean Nanoman says:

    I used variable constants all the time during my education. A variable constant is a constant you multiply your answer by to get the correct answer. It works every time. XD

  32. Slayer King FTW says:

    its really bothers me how we find planets far far away and there is still an unknown planet in our own solar system

  33. Larsanator says:

    Terrible music makes for a terrible video. Use a narrator ffs.

  34. Daniil Kagan says:

    Nice quality video! Thanks!
    But, with audio, it would be even better.

  35. Miguel Llena says:

    there is no 9th planet so why do they expect that there is a 10th planet around the kuiper cliff?

  36. darrick steele says:

    Junk DNA? I don't buy it! It has to be there for a reason. Just because we have not found and understood that reason… come on guys, just admit that you might not have all the answers for once.

  37. SebsVids says:


  38. Mr D says:

    dark matter matters haha

  39. The Gentleman says:

    Nothing makes any sense either way. We are all die some day and eventually the universe will succumb to heat death or enthropy or something along those lines so it doesn't matter in the end anyways lolol bye.

  40. Andrew Foster says:

    "Junk DNA"? Like vestigial organs? That aren't vestigial? So probably isn't junk. Just cos we can't explain it doesn't mean it's "junk". Such arrogance!

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