6 Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity at Home

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Overweight or obese kids are often teased and kept aside from sport activities. Childhood obesity often leads to negative body image, lower self-esteem, depression and much more. Know the 6 effective ways to fight childhood obesity.

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Are We Normalizing Obesity? The 67% Project

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-health/10726590/Size-16-mannequins-make-being-fat-normal.html http://www.herizons.ca/node/544


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  1. Beavis Jones says:

    Obesity is both culturally unacceptable and against the law in Japan just FYI

  2. Ann says:

    I look so fucked up in this video lol idk wtf I did with the editing XD

  3. Asha Jo says:

    Yeah somebody who doesn't fit the mold of "correct weight" shouldn't be allowed to wear clothes that Fit and fell good about themselves…. I've been told in school I was overweight yet participated in multiple sports so the whole argument is pointless to me

  4. The Dancing Snail says:

    Always so rational. :)

  5. ApologeticNegro says:

    I mean, I like thick girls! please don't make them get rid of thick girls Ann !!!! ????

  6. Ima Carrot says:

    Yeah I really do not understand why so many people are obese right now. I get that the industry would like to represent people as real people, but these "fat acceptance" people are making it seem like you are saying someone is not of value if you notice they are overweight. They make it sound impossible to be under 30 BMI. Which is dumb. Everyone can be under 30 unless they are a bodybuilder or athlete. Thyroid does not explain the vast blowing up of the US waist line.

  7. Poseidonsgrief says:

    I find it ironic that no one talks about how Mexico is the heaviest country now, and most of the heaviest cities in America have the highest population of Mexicans. Just some thoughts.

  8. Rita Carvalho says:

    This is a great video and I totally agree with your point.

  9. Hannah Tho says:

    but arent most people in magazines photoshopped into their body shapes?

  10. Uncommon Unicorn says:

    If I'm overweight do I need to worry about losing weight? If I'm at the age of eleven? Nice video, by the way!!

  11. Laurie Coburn says:

    Labeling obese women as not "normal" isn't very nice….

  12. Laurie Coburn says:

    Labeling obese women as not "normal" isn't very nice….

  13. Gregor Ingles says:

    you complain about weight but yet want to poison your blood with nigger blood. and i am american i know niggers well. you are just a coward out for views. your morality is just a deceptive poisonous lie and your whole image is a fraud.

  14. XxToxicCandyxX1 says:

    I don't even bother going into American apparel because I'm pushing all kinds of eating disorders, and their models are unrealistically skinny, I just feel like if I try these clothes on, I'll feel like hiding in a hole and dying there.

  15. Corey Mia says:

    This product have worked perfectly for me.I will recommend Weight Loss Green Store Tea to everyone. =)

  16. Ashley Williams says:

    Body postivity is the only progressive movement that is actually harmful to people and society.

  17. thethegreenmachine says:

    I think models got skinny because it's easier to make clothes for people who have no curves.

  18. Victoria says:

    Yuck, I see fat people everywhere I don't need then on covers. Are they crazy??? Obesity is an epidemic.

  19. Klan Klang says:

    I really appreciate this straight forward, fact-based style of videomaking. It's very refreshing.

  20. Eelke Aptroot says:

    The skinny girl trend originated from the US too, so their cleaning up their own rubish.

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