70/365 – How To Use Ezine Articles To Drive Traffic

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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In SEO one of the most important strategy is article submission – Ezine Articles are the best for this. If you want to supply quality content in change for traffic or ranking you should apply for Ezine Articles.

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  1. HomeJobs Inc. says:

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  2. Ray Tapajna says:

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  3. Angel Aaron says:

    Hey Matthew. Does having multiple links from Ezine articles directly improve the Google ranking of a website? Or does Google only pay attention to first link, since maybe having lots of links from one website (Ezine) doesn't suggest as much authority as having links from several different websites?

  4. thehighwaymusic says:

    Thanks Matthew great explanation.
    Just one question.
    How do I view other people's articles? and where are my articles being displayed?

  5. Matthew Neer says:

    Thanks amigo!

  6. jestew09 says:

    Good ideas here

  7. Matthew Neer says:

    Hell yeah! EZA is top notch link juice!

  8. Matthew Neer says:

    @faiyaz786khan thanks dude! EZA is great for backlinks too.

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