9-1 GCSE English Language: ARTICLE Writing (NEW and UPDATED 2017!)

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

9-1 GCSE English Language: ARTICLE Writing (NEW and UPDATED 2017!)

PowerPoint and resources for this video are available at www.bpcenglish.wordpress.com GCSE writing lesson on writing an article for the GCSE English Language writing exam. The clip includes info on the following topics:
Exemplar work
A* work
Writing checklist
Sentence starters


  1. jake steele says:

    U have stinkier fingers than Michael jackson u strokie nonce

  2. Musa Sesay says:

    Thank you very much sir, but I will be writing a very difficult exam called wassc.would you mind making an informal letters and debate for me please?

  3. Jakia Khatun says:

    Hi, where can i find the video about report writing?

  4. Leoneys Symon says:

    Where can I find videos that explains the exams code of 4EB1 Edexcel IGCSE???

  5. Leoneys Symon says:

    Love the way you explain

  6. ICrashGaming247 says:

    It's ur boi pratham doing his hw

  7. JamesTheCoolGuy says:

    You're a bloody legend 🙂

  8. Muhammed Patel says:

    do you have to put in realistic facts or can you just make it up

  9. ehd says:

    Ive learned with you how to write part 2 b with you. Thanks for your precious time wasted to teach the english language clan countrywide.


    Thank you very much!! My exam is today and this video helped me alot!! Once again thank you very much well done!

  11. Rosario Massimo Gabrieli says:

    Thank you for your help. This is a good guideline for my exam. I would get something like that for my papers, I'm studying but my vocabulary is still poor. Anyway, I will try to use my best skills, thanks again!

  12. Ray_X18 says:

    im just starting my GCSE and i think that this will really help thanks very much, appreciate people like you who help us

  13. Mayur Mistry says:

    will this help for the people who are doing english retakes?

  14. Maryam Khadim says:

    I've been taught not to use subheadings in an article as it would begin to look like a leaflet? Would you get marked down if you didn't use them?

  15. METAL TRASH CAN says:

    Hello BPC English, I have just completed my GCSE English Foundation exam today, I was wondering would I pass, of course you can't see my paper. But i'm worried that I would have to resit it. In the reading paper I felt I did okay completed Q1 easily, Q2 – 6 PEE paragraphs, Q3 – 5 PEE paragraphs, and Q4 – was pushed for time but I reckon I could maybe pick up 5-6 marks. I feel as if the reading paper went better than the writing paper.

    On the Writing paper, on the speech task I started with 'Welcome to …' added college name, dunno if I did that incorrect which worries me. I also ended with 'Thank you for listening' Had 3 paragraphs should of had 4 main, but all put together added up to 2 pages.

    On article nerves got the better of me, I misread the question and used the 'Do celebrities have an impact' as my title (was something along the lines, was on the question sheet) my stupid self misreading the question resulted in this.

    Do you think I could scrape a 'C' combined with my coursework? My coursework was at an 'A' overall. I know you can't see my paper but I was wondering and worried because I don't want to resit it again, as I didn't pass it in high school.
    Any comments would be greatly appreciated thanks,

  16. Crispy Legend says:

    Where would you do your plan? On the question sheet, or in the answer booklet?

  17. Nuur368 says:

    Doing WJEC and needed to know Can I get a b in foundation with a high C on coursework (2 marks off a b in the coursework)

  18. Joanne Robinson says:

    Would your example get full marks? So on its own – a grade 9? 🙂

  19. Joanne Robinson says:

    This is ace!! Thank you!

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