9 Incredible Science Facts You Probably Didn’t Learn At School

Monday, December 11, 2017

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  1. nageen Angbo says:

    Or they made their own one

  2. nageen Angbo says:

    That second one was from buzzfeed or something

  3. Ramesh Kr says:


  4. Rithnary Hang says:


  5. 유원용 Ruy says:


  6. Creeper _Ninja07 says:

    _ _

  7. Karma Sutra says:

    It’s fake

  8. Adrian Knapper says:

    I mean famouse

  9. Adrian Knapper says:

    1 like = a chance to save titanic ? it's my favourite ship because it's campuses from the heart of the sea.

  10. Princetown Mensah says:


  11. refael memmedzade says:

    What What fak

  12. Cameron Movsessian says:

    Will that supernova effect the earth

  13. PureBred says:

    11:20 there’s an interesting science fact

  14. Eva Szittya says:


  15. Juan Theron says:

    So they say world will end in 2022 many people said the world will end but it didn't but we will never know when it will instead of thinking when the world will end we must take better care of the earth because if we don't the world will end

  16. Eva Szittya says:


  17. Picachugirl Unicorn says:

    The building should aren’t even big to there the size of my ipad

  18. Picachugirl Unicorn says:

    Wait did they say the titanic on the bottom

  19. ayet rebigui says:

    There's no creature in the whole universe that lives forever… It is logical.

  20. OmKYT says:

    go to mars takes a long time 235 days dumb idiots

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