A/An/The-Article:- use of article with Hindi examples

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

सीखों Use of Articles (a, an, the) in English Grammar with Examples in Hindi:—– learn with Deotirth Sahu

In this video we have covered facts about A, An and The. You will be surprise to know how should we use of Articles in English Grammar and apply it in our day to day life. A, AN and The are the Articles which you can’t deny to learn because of their use.

Watch the video till end and we will learn How to use A, AN and The.

The – कब द, कब दी कहेंगे A/An – कब A, कब An….Let’s learn Articles in English Grammar I Use, Rules & Examples of Articles A An The in Hindi
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  1. Vikash Kumar says:

    Nice video sir ,you are a great person in this field

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    Excellent method of a an the

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    Exceptional sir ji…

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    Thank you so much

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    Mai Aapka Sara video deakta hu sir I am Dr Rajesh Sahu from Ranchi my what's no 9955593910 you aregreat teacher

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  10. devashish mehra says:

    "He is a clever boy" – despite 'clever' is a adjective why 'a' is used in this, but in your video you are teaching we should not use a/an before adjective.And i believe above sentence is 100% correct.please throw some light.

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  13. Grow Kids says:

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    To sir exception to the Kewal janna hi prega.iska koi solution to hai nhi

  15. Sumer Ram Dudi says:

    Sir can you explain why we use "a school" why not an school?
    Because its sound emerges with hindi vowel

  16. Ritu Taneja says:

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