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When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories (recommended short film! it’s worth the time.)

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The Impact of Illegal Abortion

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Anti-choice (“pro life”) violence and intimidation

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Planned Parenthood


National Network of Abortion Funds

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In this video, Laci Green offers an overview on the erosion of reproductive rights in the United States. In Part I she offers a brief history on the court cases that enabled our current situation. In Part II she reviews the current state of abortion laws in the US. In Part III she discusses the “pro life movement” and it’s various hypocrisies. In Part IV she discusses ideological differences between “pro life” and “pro choice” and what the root of anti-abortion sentiment is. In Part V she calls the audience to act this election year.

3 year forensic review shows overwhelming bias in favour of abortion in Irish Times – both in news and opinion articles

#biaskillsdebate #irishtimespromotesabortion

91% of Irish Times articles showed pro-abortion bias, forensic 3-year analysis finds.

An extensive 3 year forensic analysis of 766 articles published by the Irish Times on abortion has shown overwhelming and persistent bias in favour of abortion, both in the paper’s news reporting and opinion pieces.

Amongst the key findings from the forensic review of the period from January 2013 to December 2015 were:

– Of the 312 articles published by the paper that showed a bias on the issue, 91% were found to have exhibited a pro-abortion bias. (284 of 312 articles)

– For news reporting the bias was most evident, with 98% of news reports which were biased showing a bias in favour of abortion. (205 of 209 articles)

– Almost 77% of opinion pieces for the period showed a bias in favour of abortion with just over 23% taking a pro-life position. (79 against 24 articles)

A 3 year review of 766 articles published on abortion

Every Irish Times article that dealt explicitly and primarily with abortion between January 2013 and December 2015 was examined, an undertaking that saw 766 articles being analysed.

These articles fell into numerous categories including news, opinion, social affairs, health, politics, and the courts – reflecting how the abortion issue touches so many aspects of public and private life.

In order to determine if an article was balanced or biased, we examined each article to see if they contained bias in any of the following 5 categories which are commonly used in assessing media bias.

Only articles that showed bias in two or more of the categories were considered to be a biased article.






In order for an article to be considered biased, we decided that the article would have to show bias on at least two of the above criteria.

In total, it was determined that of 766 Irish Times articles on abortion published during 2013-2015, a total of 312 articles showed bias on abortion.


91% of those articles were biased in favour of abortion. Just 9% of the articles showed a bias against abortion.

The bias was most evident in news reporting with an overwhelming 98% of the biased articles showing a bias in favour of abortion.

On average, the Irish Times published two articles biased in favour of abortion every week. Articles taking a pro-life position appeared less than 10 times a year.

The records of three journalists who wrote most often on abortion were examined. Kitty Holland mostly showed a pro-abortion bias, Mary Minihan mostly remained neutral, while Marie O’Halloran’s articles showed a neutral or pro-abortion bias almost equally. None of the three published an article biased against abortion in the period.

Results per year

In 2013, 215 articles took a stance on the abortion issue or showed a bias one way or the other. 91.6%, or 197 articles, showed a bias towards the pro-abortion position. Only 8.4%, or 18 articles, showed bias against abortion.

2014, saw a significant decrease in the number of articles published regarding abortion. However of the 42 articles that took a stance on the issue, 92.9%, or 39 articles, were found to lean pro-abortion while only 3 articles, or 7.1%, were pro-life.

In 2015, 89.1% (or 49 articles) of the 55 articles were determined to have a pro-abortion bias while 10.9%, or 6 articles, took a pro-life stance.


The findings in this review demonstrate clearly that the Irish Times has an overwhelming and persistent bias in favour of legalised abortion.

It is particularly egregious that such overwhelming bias was shown in news reporting, and the results of this analysis can lead to the conclusion that the Irish Times abortion reporting is often opinion disguised as news.

The issue of abortion is both contentious and vitally important in modern day Ireland and it is essential that the Irish people are allowed to engage in an honest and straightforward discussion on the subject, especially as efforts are made to open Ireland’s doors to legalised abortion.

It is the duty of the press to report the news in a fair and balanced manner. Non-biased reporting and greater diversity of opinion are necessary if the people are to engage in a legitimate national discussion on abortion.

Without an end to media bias on this important and sensitive issue, there can be no trust between the people and the press.

See FULL FINDINGS at http://www.thelifeinstitute.net


  1. AWill Gaming experience says:

    How to win a argument with a pro choice supporter is to say " what if you were aborted?"

  2. John Smith says:

    I am shocked that she can sit there and say how WE have been lied to about how a zygote is a human. How about how you have been lied to about how a baby isn't a human? Abortionists are pushing for partial birth abortions, meaning that the baby is partially born and then killed. "Oh but it's not a baby yet since it's not fully out." So the deciding factor between infanticide and legal infanticide is if it is still in the vagina, and not that it's a living human? What the heck! I feel sorry for you and how you have been lied to.

  3. axcan says:

    As someone who's pro choice it's sad to see someone on my side of the argument using the same old propaganda… this video reeks of misinformation as well as character assassination. Anyone who is "scientifically literate" knows there is nowhere near any scientific consensus on when life actually begins… and that is really the only question that is in debate. It is as much a sensationalist fabrication that people who are pro life are anti-sex and anti-woman as it is that people who are pro choice are anti-baby or baby-killers. It has always only been about the when life begins… if there was consensus here this debate would be over.

  4. plupap says:

    I wish Laci's parents were pro choice (death)…

  5. Grace says:

    Making abortion illegal will double the amount of lives lost. Desperate women will go to illegal abortions then a lot of them will end up dieing from it taking the baby with them. Save a life, allow abortion, ban it and lose two.

  6. Emily Morgan says:


  7. Gabrielle Holt says:

    Women should not be legally bound to a pregnancy that they do not want and are in no position to support financially, medically or emotionally. Abortion is a valid and necessary option. Let's focus on sexual health education so that fewer women have to consider this as an option, but let's keep the option as an acceptable alternative <3

  8. Dan Stuart says:

    Abortion: because I have no sexual self control and do not wish to face up to the consequences of my actions. I also like to throw all science out the window by my feeble attempts to reduce the early stages of human life to the equivalent of 'a bunch of cells'.

  9. MaybeKawaii says:

    Your parents would've aborted you if it were any easier to obtain.

  10. Alice Wonder says:

    cells don't=to heart beating

  11. DarkLaboratory says:

    Every single sperm is a potential baby, so shall men not be allowed to masturbate?

  12. Fish Fish says:

    And women shouldn't go to Black market abortion clinics either the reason it is ill legal or should be is because its immoral.

  13. Fish Fish says:

    It's hard to believe there's a lot of people who actually think like this

  14. flem dogg says:

    If feminists are for a woman's right to "opt-out" of parenthood via aborting a child, and feminists claim to be for equality, shouldn't they advocate for a man's right to also "opt-out" of parenthood via child support payment? No. Because that would be equal, and feminism is about the advocacy of WOMEN'S rights… Sexists.

  15. Simon Seidl says:

    you realize abortion was invented by communists right?

  16. Conlan Bertram says:

    sex is made for babies. if you have unprotected sex you can give the child up. I do not think that a buch of cells comes over the wife, but I believe it is wrong

  17. Noah B. says:

    ok i dont agree with laci but even if i did wtf laci you're soooo pushing your ideology on teens who watch you for sex education you're not even saying its your opinion you're stating it like fact wth

  18. Taylor Butler says:

    I don't understand how u can sit there and say unborn babies don't have a right to life just because they aren't grown, am I missing something ?

  19. Legendary Fights says:

    you should've been aborted

  20. AmandaIsNotAPanda says:

    my school can only legally teach abstinence education, it's honestly bullshit. my state has a pretty high teen pregnancy rate, and with the only thing avalible being abstinence education the numbers keep rising

  21. Corduroyflare says:

    I wouldn't wrap my fish and chips in the Irish Times.

  22. Muireann2014 says:

    Irish Times is a joke.

  23. Muireann Ni Bhruadair says:

    The new logo the Irish Times should adopt is "The Irish Times and the lies it lives by". The only usage of the Irish Times is to use as toilet paper

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