Americans and the Rotting Putrescent First Amendment

Monday, January 22, 2018

Americans care nothing about freedom of speech and expression. They are clueless and untethered, criminally disconnected. And I’m being kind.

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This short video traces the evolution of Madison’s attitude towards the religious liberty guarantees of the First Amendment. Initially opposed to a Bill of Rights as both inappropriate and dangerous, Madison’s views changed as a result of political and philosophical considerations. Professor Jeffry Morrison emphasizes Madison’s belief that religion should play a vital but informal role in the life of the republic.

James Madison and the First Amendment by Jeffry Morrison, Ph.D., Academic Director of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation, Alexandria, Virginia.

American History Videos are sponsored by the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation. These videos are offered to help teachers, students and the general public learn more about America’s founding and the Constitution of the United States.


  1. Saba K says:

    …so its not my fault at 25 I'm in school debt without a degree, job… not a penny to my name and depressed and hopeless? I'm American Indian and I don't want to be anymore…

  2. 1okanaganguy says:

    Aristotle bitched, and he was right…
    Are we an an endless spiral downward as the elders constantly point out?

  3. daytona1212 says:

    They only know the small world of Smartphone they live in.

  4. Paulie Wallnuts says:


  5. Nidge B says:

    I feel that a clear sign of the times for me is the tragic lack of critical thinking skills being taught in our educational establishments.
    One might almost think it was deliberate policy…(?)

  6. Chris nka says:

    I can only imagine the future of the yelling "Throw them to the Mob!" or something like that.

  7. Neal Hagstrom says:

    Lionel … thanks for taking my call. When I moved to NY in 2002 you where the first New York "radio voice" I got to know courtesy of 710 WOR. My first impession of you on the radio was " Jeez.. this guy could bring back Vaudeville. A regular Jack Benny …but with a law degree ". But seriously you do have great timing and I'm so pleased to see you are still making the rounds even if is via Lenins Tomb . Btw you can be oh so pendantic at times but with a fine brain like yours that's a good thing.

  8. elicia clegg says:

    Yes, indeed. The average US citizen is detached to a point that they will be handing us up on a platter. I've had to take a break from social media because I can't stand the sad ignorance.

  9. Christian Burgwald says:

    political correctness has destroyed the first amendment

  10. Chad Olsen says:

    As a millennial all I can say is sorry. I know my generation is ridiculing unintelligible, unamerican, and hyper sensitive to the core. We're going to loose everything this country was founded on.

  11. not2tees says:

    Well, I questioned why we highschool students couldn't have any say in what we were learning, and that got me nowhere. That's one of the major lessons of school : there's no use in questioning anything.

  12. Bob P says:

    It is said and I concur that it is the 2nd amendment which is the greater. The 1st Amendment is ultimately guaranteed by the 2nd. A disarmed citizenry are little better than slaves to a criminal government.

  13. Andrew Mccullough says:

    Great video!

  14. The Alternative News & Info Report says:

    Yeah right the feds need to get into the patsy's cellphone, that they probably gave him lol. Methinks this is all about setting up a precedent for us useless eaters for when the feds wants any of our info. Because after all, they're the 'Good Guys' right?! The feds didn't care about the patsy's private info when they allowed their whores in the media to riffle through his home hours after the BS "Shooting", finding shredded documents in trash cans, that could have been reassembled at any crime lab in the country. But they didn't, now did they. Because the feds know exactly who did San Bernardino. And it wasn't a married Arab couple who just had a baby. More like 3 white guys dressed in black tac gear as reported by witnesses who were there.

  15. Dallas Morris says:

    You can thank the indoctrination centers that we call public schools as well as the controlled media for the absolute disgraceful ignorance of the masses today, and this of course includes the youth who are trained like lab rats to run for their next idea that is fed to them.

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