Analysis of Recent Stand Your Ground Articles in the Tampa Bay Times

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cam Edwards gives his analysis of some recent articles about “Stand Your Ground” that appeared in the Tampa Bay Times – You can read their series here: – NRA News – August 14, 2012 –
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  1. Tim Barton says:

    …and the NRA is so obsessed with defending 'stand your ground' they missed the point of the story. Ignoring the fact that 13 defendants w/ priors let go (again) because of this law while saying 'we should go after the known bad guys'. Hey Cam, we tried, but 'stand your ground' stood in the State's way (in these 13 cases at minimum). The NRA, pushing an agenda, and ignoring the thesis of the article. Distract, decceive and divide.

  2. dirt1967 says:

    I feel bad for the officers that do all the foot work to take care of the problem, just to see em let back out on the street.

  3. crispycritterz says:

    We have much the same problem here in Illinois, only it's on steroids. The gangs have so much pull in Chicago and Springfield that they've made sure that Right to Carry goes nowhere. The gangs need helpless targets and our politicians are more than willing to accommodate them…… for money and votes.
    Gang members are cycled through the system faster than the officers can finish the paperwork, These gangs reward their hirelings by shoveling cash and votes to them at election time.

  4. Best Racing Tips Win At The Dragstrip says:

    They are filling up all the jails with non violent drug offenders and letting loose the violent ones to make more room in the jails. Does anyone else think this is a good idea???

  5. optionsupdate says:

    the communists are too clever at controlling the public mind ,

  6. David43515 says:

    This was such a well stated vid that I just had to share it. Thanks!

  7. 407ForRent says:

    Most state attorneys are cowards; all they are worried about is their successful conviction rate. So they can get re-elected.
    The failure to act by the state attorneys conditions criminals; they begin to realize that they have no consequences for their actions. They continue to commit more and more violent crimes, because they are encouraged to do so by the system.
    Great vid, thank you.

  8. Alex R. says:

    Thanks for your comment linuxmanMikeC it realy does open my mind to thinking insted of a one thought ideal

  9. LinuxManMikeC says:

    I can't fathom how you think this video is targeting you. You have ONE conviction of assault, served your time, and you're now a good guy. You are obviously NOT one of the dirt bags that keep terrorizing neighborhoods and are never dealt with. I'm sure some people have looked down on you despite your good years, but logically there is no way Cam's comments are pointing a finger at you. Stand proud of your change, but be careful not to start defending those who refuse to change.

  10. wildmanjeff42 says:

    did they give any reason to not prosecute the criminal actions? I mean I understand jails are getting full and some cases are harder to prosecute than others, but when the people's safety is in sever jeopardy you would think they would really try to get the "hardened criminal" off the street and behind bars to stay.

  11. Webmaster B says:

    The commies are in control in Tampa. They gave tax payer money to the Uhurus, who have connections to the Black Panthers. They tried to make a gun free zone at the GOP 2012 convention, but the Gov, nixed that. Tampa elites are far far left and need to be exposed!

  12. Dro77080 says:

    What i mean since then is (since my prior convection's)…..

  13. Dro77080 says:

    FYI… i'm not from florida i'm from Texas…But I did not claim "stand your ground" i fled the threat while taking gun fire before deciding to defending my life… Homicide ruled "self defense" local sheriff's ruled "self defense" and never went before a judge Because witnesses testimony's also co-inside with the actual even…ALSO! I havn't broken a law since then…..

  14. Dro77080 says:

    Look not all of us with a prior convection are bad people just people who made bad choices… i have 2 cases i served time for #1. possession of marijuana @ the age of 17 #2. assault @ the age of 19….i'm 24 now a law abiding citizen and (CHL) holder… Just because i made some mistakes in my youth i feel like this video is sort of targeting me as a "bad man" and last year in July i was in a situation i had to defend my life…and guess what "my action's where legal"

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