Andrew Wiggins Scores 57 Points In Response To Sports Article!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Andrew Wiggins responds to a negative article going 24 of 28 from the field and finishing with a career high 57 pts, 13 Rebs, and 4 blks later that night. Wiggins was subbed out of the game after breaking Point Pleasant’s school record of 55 points.

That morning teammates and Coach Rob Fulford knew Wiggins was going to go off.

“Amazing how ppl will do anything to bring someone down! Won’t work though ur just adding fuel to his fire.” -Xavier Rathan-Mayes via Twitter (@YungBoiMayes)

“Strange feeling @22wiggins goes for 50 tonight…just a hunch” via Coach Fulford’s Twitter. (@rfulford)


  1. Shellie Belle says:

    I want he to comeback to cavs!

  2. Baller4Lyfe7 says:

    what is the music?

  3. MrIneedasponsor says:

    scored 40 points in the same kicks hes wearing in this video loll

  4. AlphaDwg says:

    When he is dialed in look out!  His problem is that he isn't always dialed in.  He is playing like that this in March right now though.  It's always a good sign to see a player that can rise to the occasion and take over a game.  

  5. CS T says:

    +kobedoe1 It's a bit assumptious to say that no one will ever break Jabbar's record. What do u base that on? Looking at current players, both Lebron and KD has a chance to break it. If Lebron continous his current scoring average. He will surpass Kareem in 7.29 years. Obviously there is no guarentee that he will either play that long or keep up that average. It is not impossible though. Even if his scoring average goes down, there is no knowing whether he will stay in the league even longer. In 7.29 years Lebron will be 36. If Kobe starts next season, he will be 36 and going. If he can do it then why can't Lebron?

  6. tyrueiwoqpy says:

    next anthony bennett

  7. Shareef Taylor says:

    The boy is the goods. I HOPE he slides and ends up with a organization that is smart and not just lucky.

  8. Livesey Kuma says:

    next Kwame Brown..

  9. fixystation says:

    He has that MJ type of body

  10. Dustin Adams says:

    Parker is better right now but wiggins does have more upside, that's why he is predicted as number 1 in the draft

  11. Max kid1 says:

    This dude truly have height avantage to score

  12. Jacob Moore says:

    He showed 40somethin pts but still a lot of pts scored

  13. DragonTesteeZ says:

    These dont mean nothing until he can prove himself with the big boys

  14. KiingBandzTV says:

    not even if he was better how come he has 1round 2nd pick and not 1st andrew wiggins is a better player then parker

  15. jamad breeden says:

    I like him , but Parker is gonna be better, he's better at every aspect of the game now except dunking. But he's no slouch at that.

  16. pepevschunkers says:

    I honestly think that might be a bonus in this case considering its all he has to really work on. Its a lot easier to develop a shot then it is to develop super human leaping ability. I do agree though, young players should develop their fundamentals first.

  17. Michael Santonastasio says:

    Hahahahahahaha. No he isnt.

  18. Rob Barba says:

    I wish my Bulls team tank games just to get Andrew Wiggins. Damn, he is Lebron James + Kevin Durant combined.

  19. TheeSkill SC says:

    6ft 7 with a 6ft 11 wingspan and a great vert with incredible quickness for his size. and he's got a good head on his shoulders, he's got all the intangibles.

  20. ctotbosm says:

    Damn i wish he would of came to memphis

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