AP GOV Explained Articles of Confederation

Friday, October 21, 2016

Jocz Productions will be making videos for AP Gov / Government classes. In this video we examine the importance of the Articles of Confederation.
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I found these on the net and figured that as a Public Service I would post these, as they were originaly intended as such. Enjoy and thanx for watching.

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. … Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it …
Edmond Burk


  1. Julia Morell says:

    I passed APUSH because of you and I was just showing my friend who is going into APUSH this year your channel and then I saw an AP Gov playlist and let me just say: I was worried I wasn't going to do well in Gov this year yet here you are, saving my grade again BLESS UP

  2. Learn 2015 says:

    great channel

  3. Harmony of Nature says:

    Question: do you have a video on 1993-present? Also, I'm so excited for your AP Gov videos!

  4. Harmony of Nature says:


  5. Ngor Luong says:

    Mr. Jocz, why didn't you do this a year ago???

  6. Ebele Eseka says:

    God bless you soo much you helped me with Apush…i am soo confident iin my response for the test and now Ap Gov? You are awesome

  7. Manuel Ortiz Mendoza says:


  8. Marianne Markham (DarkWriter00) says:

    LOL propaganda at its naïve, sugary-coatest! Here in the land of the not so free, it's rigged. Banksters and other greedy power hungry folks are runnin' things, here in the USA…

  9. Crog Romphulous says:

    who ever made this video is anti social and the DHS should shut down their cult and protect our children.

  10. LAVA_MOB 205 says:

    Cool and good song

  11. James Rasco says:

    The queen of England is gay old hag our. Land is free from her Dumb laws

  12. GokuPlaysGames says:

    my childhood

  13. mastermonarch says:

    the tea tax was implemented to pay for the french and Indian war that was started by colonies and England had to pick up. Death and taxes can't be avoided

  14. Maribell Morales says:

    me to so cache

  15. Ad Dominion says:

    the name of the cartoon that plays before No More Kings is Little Twelvetoes

  16. Alfred Ashford says:

    I know the king was an asshole…but now that democracy is dead here, perhaps we would have been better with Britain, or a monarchy at least.

  17. artbyvince says:

    These cartoons and their music were brilliant!

  18. shipcaption says:

    free country my ass

  19. Golden Freddy says:

    obama wuz here

  20. Phillip Marc Fabre' says:

    Talk about "The Minor Vote – Children's' Rights & Influence", searchable on Facebook. No adult-hitlers in a world of collectively-bargained innocence!!

  21. Heather Felton says:


  22. AtomichotPocket says:

    My teacher showed me this im in 8th grade

  23. lrdazure says:

    freedom is dead.

  24. Roman Caddell says:

    It happened 300 years ago,its over.

  25. Karen Riffe says:

    Looks as though we will be "free" the obama way. Which really sucks. We need to get him impeached so things will get better. My opinion

  26. KittyCatt1002 says:

    Of course this video is oversimplified. It's/aimed at children, that's there audience. Obviously, they're not going to mention taking over someone else's land and forcing them to give it up. 

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