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Monday, October 24, 2016

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The Environmental Cost of China's Growth | The New York Times

The Environmental Cost of China’s Growth

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The Environmental Cost of China’s Growth


  1. Britanny Walker says:


  2. MELISSA84008 says:

    their running out of drinkable water..and our Corporate owned Gov't is selling OUR water to them!! A MUST Watch : Great Lakes Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura'

  3. sami theturtle says: 

  4. 719iceman says:


  5. roy montenegro says:

    You know why china is polluted?because US companies go to china and pollute but they don't give a fuck about the environment just there greedy pockets like apple which pollutes the river and has workers getting sick because of the bad chemicals so blame us companies in china for most of their pollution!

  6. Mark Robinson says:

    @njdevil281 check your stats-also look at how we produce at this time vs. China then call someone a dump retard-you make yourself look like the retard even though you may or may not have a point

  7. brokenscimitar says:

    No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons was rather inconvenienced.

  8. Thiago de Tal says:

    I'd like to see the chinese opposition speaking.. and I know that this people exist.. but government always brings police to shut/shot them! The democracy is a hard expensive changing… and China will learn HOW!

  9. Christopher Mercer says:

    This is the reason why we need to clean up. We are polluting the earth. 

  10. Ross Gatto says:

    @njdevil281You are a mother fucker idiot .You have been hiding under a rock all these years or you just an arrogant dump retard. Your ass belongs to the Chinese, so you better start learning to suck those little Chinese cocks… 

  11. njdevil281 says:

    @rogatto1 China is not the World factory you dumb fuck. The US is still the worlds largest manufacturer. China pollutes far more than the US on a per capita basis because it is poor and under developed. Comparing it to the west is retarded. 

  12. Ross Gatto says:

    The Europeans and the American have been polluting the world for the last century. When their nation was developing they clear most of their forest for farming and sewage was dumb straight into the sea. They polluted the world far more that China does now with it population more than all of them put together. Remember we took our factories production there. China is the world factory.You idiots….

  13. CHUUMPASS says:

    for the sake of our world , cut back using china as the manufacturer of cheap skill labor related items, shorten the ways of supply, that way you do two things at once, you minimize transportation related fuel consumption, plus china`s massively polluting low standart mass-labor factories will ultimately dry out. in terms of the u.s. the united states are better of focusing on south america and mexico as prodcution partners.

  14. José Isabeles says:

    Well, pretty good video. I think that's the price China and someone else has to pay, I mean the awesome growth is not for free and every single thing involves costs, sometimes high sometimes low, isn't it? But the thing is government has to do something about it in any way

  15. maomao667 says:

    I don't think Chinese government is fully bad. Every coin has two sides. 

  16. maomao667 says:

    What make it worse is that they don't even have any birth contral policy, and their population will surpass China in a few years. It will be a horrible thing that over 1.4 billion people live in a land which is smaller than China. Chinese government may be oppressive, but its one child policy is very necessary. Plus China is no longer a communist country, though it is still ruled by cummunist party. 

  17. maomao667 says:

    If you go to China, you can see over 80% Chinese people hope the population could go down. Because they all believe overpopulation is the reason why they are facing serious social competetion, and social inequality. This has nothing to do with democracy or a police state system. You can see the beggest democracy India is also suffering from overpopulation.

  18. maomao667 says:

    China needs tight contral of its population. One Child policy is indespensible in the next two decades in China. I think what China needs is more girls not boys. 

  19. hablerz says:

    @MsPureMagic Isnt the problem that the West buys all their crap ? Industry causes pollution no matter what country its based in. China is only doing what the west had been doing for the previous 200 years.

  20. hablerz says:

    @S1587915G I find it highly unlikely that China would want to stay in a state of perpertual surfdom. Industrialisation was always going to happen , its the natural order of things.

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