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Friday, March 3, 2017

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Top 10 shocking architectural failures in history!
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Architecture is one of the most astounding and complex professions in the world today. It has only been well over a century since skyscrapers first made their appearance in the late nineteenth century, complete with photos of the construction that alarmingly include men eating their lunch thousands of feet into the air with nothing to hang on to should they fall. Architecture requires some of the most brilliant minds in the world today, as complex designs have to have a way to stay standing. If you look at buildings from the earlier times, they looked like square boxes with some windows. But the innovation of design has challenged architects to be more creative and productive in their designs. From buildings to bridges, people want more aesthetics than functionality these days. However, functionality is crucial because it can make the difference between life and death.
If a student makes an error on their test, the worst thing that will happen is that they get a bad grade. If an artist messes up on a piece, the worst thing that will happen is that there was time lost and wasted. But if an architect makes an error, then there is more devastation and more at risk. If an architect writes up plans that are flawed, and those plans are published around the world, then there is potential for worldwide catastrophe. When it all comes down to it, architectural failures can be devastating and lives can be lost at epic proportions.
In this video are ten of the biggest architecture failures that have ever occurred around the world. Not only did these fails result in monetary loss, but also resulted in catastrophic damage to the people involved that involved PTSD and death. From the collapse of bridges to the downfall of some of the mightiest buildings to have ever existed, these failures are a grim reminder that we are still not perfect and have a lot of work to do in terms of how much we can create on our own.
Sometimes loss of life isn’t the only major issue when it comes to architecture failures. Sometimes it’s something as simple as color of the building. Take the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Vdara Hotel and Spa. The buildings are both very shiny and reflect the sun, thus unintentionally creating a massive heat ray that moves as the Earth moves around the sun. People have actually reported their hair getting singe and plastic melting from the rays coming off of the buildings. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see many silver buildings anymore?
The entries in this video are both tragic and humorous. As the art of architecture continues to evolve and change, we will likely see more failures come as experimentation in the building world continues to progress. We are learning with each building how to create something bigger and better, along with making sure that the building is safe and not put together with paperclips, glue, and maybe a few thumbtacks.

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Savar Building
Citigroup Center
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Katowice Trade Hall
Lotus Riverside
Silver Bridge
Kemper Arena
John Hancock Tower
Vdara Hotel & Spa
Hotel New World

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  1. Rene Guijo says:


  2. U tube You says:

    No wonder Spain is broke. They wasted their money on this garbage. WTH is wrong with people ??

  3. sachin andrews says:

    haters gonna hate ……….. bcuz they dont knw the incredible effort to make such messy and complicated thing possible in reality

  4. Copainization says:

    What a mess.
    Only thing worse is the modernist crap on display.

  5. Gegen Die Rote Pest says:

    Disgusting! Somebody call the Luftwaffe to carpet bomb it to dust.

  6. ruipx says:

    Make a model, put it out side on a rainy day… BOOM, Frank O Gehry.

  7. Mialyne says:

    Bonjour les Ae6B ! :')

  8. Ondrej Roberto says:

    its Frank Gehry not Gehtti, note for the host. embarrassing….

  9. Ben Song says:

    crumbled sheets of paper.

  10. Ricardo da Mata says:

    Modernism is a lie!

  11. malarbusto says:

    It's all subjective. I walked around it twice some weeks ago (a 4km walk). I was spell bound all the way.

  12. IA SPACE says:

    Nightmar of Drafman.

  13. fuckyoutubelogin says:

    i prefer any gothic churches in europe over this

  14. stannial leung says:


  15. The Wall Street Journal says:

    Some day I hope, people will work, eat, school children, perhaps even live — all inside of structures like this. The idea came to me very explicitly in a dream. People Lived in constant communion with each-other. The Boundaries of Work, Play, Home, blurred Until the words became meaningless. This type of culture could only coalesce out of of good architecture.

  16. JONAS ZENATI says:

    jadore le mouvement du déconstructivisme en architecture !!

  17. Samuel Okopi says:

    Lovely documentary. I have the greatest respects for Frank Gehry. He inspires me and my architecture to dizzying heights. This documentary has shown the brilliance of Frank Gehry's Bilbao piece in a very engaging and intimate way. I enjoyed this so much. 

  18. Pablo Simo says:

    apparently it was "Baukunst" also known as "Architectures" (2001–2005) by Julien Donada

  19. herpderpmonkey says:

    same here. great commentary, very modest.

    Gehry's work all seems the same to me. This one looks like the Walt Disney Hall in LA.

  20. Feliks_k says:

    Not a huge fan of Gehry, but I am a huge fan of these documentaries. Where are they from originally, anyone know their original titles or the title of the show?

  21. Orlando Nunez says:

    Where's the leaning tower of San Francisco "millennium tower"

  22. Kenneth Busler says:

    The last bridge was a partial premise of " The Mothman Prophecies".

  23. Thomas Merriett says:

    I came for the picture of the bridge too ?

  24. Jonathan Davide K. Menomoides Moses, Jr says:

    the announcer sounds so. ..American ???

  25. cuff1957 says:

    every engineer on these jobs should of been fired,and put on death row

  26. Pryromaniac Z says:

    One of your better videos

  27. Steven Short says:

    Let's not forget the WTC and building 7 in NYC… major fails

  28. Josh Skinner says:

    My dad worked on this mental hospitals roof in the 70s or 80s and in 2006 days part of the roof fell on a patients head and the hospital was closed down

  29. dark Verderno dark side says:


  30. Stuart Baker says:

    Lets not get this twisted – these are not architectural fails – they are fails from the structural engineer or the contractor.

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  32. jason v says:

    Pretty sure what happened to kemper arena was gods way of saying this is for owen

  33. Noah Cronin says:

    Galloping Gertie?

  34. ko mo mo says:

    bad do better?

  35. skie nardz90 says:

    hahaha how funny is that

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    New mic or. We voice???

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