Are Christian Articles Helpful Spiritually?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

By reading Christian articles can one get the true understanding of Gods ways that will be helpful for us in our spiritual lives? For the spiritual temple we form within, is to be adorned with the beautiful fruits of the Holy Spirit, and the fruitage of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and most importantly of all, faith.

The Holy Spirit is a unifying force of enormous strength and, as long as we allow it free course among us, it joins us peacefully together in bonds of love and devotion to God, Jesus, and one another. A spiritual article is written to give us the basic and primary factor producing good order and effective guidance among Christians and to be helpful for those that have a lack of understanding.

Christian articles refresh our memories and stimulate our mental powers allowing us to be united in spirit, reflecting the spirit of Jesus Christ. For the heart of Jesus followers is tied in with the Holy Spirit giving us a definite relationship with Him, and a Christian relationship with one another as Gods children.

Since the heart is showing to have the capacity for motivation due to being intimately related with emotions and affection, it undoubtedly has a major share in the development of the spirit that one shows in the sense of a dominant feeling.

Take David for an example, after he got off course and hit rock bottom, he prayed for two things, a clean heart and a steadfast desire to walk in purity. If we focus on the wrong things and neglect our spiritual life we are certain for sure failure. A Christian article is written to point out the importance of our spiritual health in order to probe our deepest thoughts and open our eyes to certain issues that may need attention.

The true Christian author has integrity that requires uncompromising loyalty to God and adherence to righteousness, not merely under all favorable conditions or circumstances, but under all conditions and at all times. The author that is true to all Gods ways and holding fast to his integrity is at all times speaking the truth in his heart that is acceptable to God. He puts aside his personal interest and stays true to God.

The interest of the true Christian author that writes an article, is focused on God and staying on course, not by their personal moral strength, but only through deep faith and trust they have in God. For they have the knowledge of Gods promise that God will be a shield and stronghold, guarding the way of those walking in integrity. Saying that, integrity plays a big part in in the article writers performance to guide one with the utmost accurateness to the way of God.

This is what Paul was talking about when he said, ‘Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.’ The true Christian author will stick to the Scriptures with the hope of guiding one to God, for God is the One that will help you in all your circumstances, for He knows what is in the heart of man and, He knows exactly what to do.

The Christian author has a goal they want to accomplish with their Christian article, their goal is, to guide one to the facts that testify to the integrity of the Bible. The Bible narrative is inseparably interwoven with the history of the times. It gives straightforward truthful instruction for our everyday life in all circumstances. The Christian author is recommending the Bible to their readers for what it is, Gods Word of Truth.

Christian authors view the Bible as the inspired Word of God. Absolute truth, beneficial for teaching and disciplining mankind. More is required of the true Christian writer than mere confession of faith. It is necessary that their belief is demonstrated by their works. They dedicate their lives to Gods worship and service.

The true Christian author is extremely careful, doing meticulous research, going through all the documentary sources accessible to them, evidently investigating the Scriptures that would shed light on the subject. They write an article, not merely as proof of accuracy as to what they have written, but also to direct the reader to the Scriptures for more detailed information on the subject.

The Christian author connects the facts on the subject towards the Lord, and strives to put the facts in such a light as to teach that God rewards loyalty to His children with happiness and blessing. The author emphasizes the results of faithful adherence to the true understanding of Gods ways.

You will find that Christian articles are helpful spiritual for those that have a lack of understanding on a subject. One may be having a difficult time understanding some Scriptures. The author writes an article on a subject in such a way as to give the reader more information to solving the problem, and at the same time they write the article with the hope of bonding faithful Christians to one another with the zeal for God.

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