Are Monster Hunter Sized Animals Possible?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Are Monster Hunter Sized Animals Possible?

One horse-sized kitten, please. Or one kitten-sized horse? Both are good.
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  1. Play Noggin says:

    Would you rather own one horse-sized kitten, or one kitten-sized horse? I'm going for the big kitty, because, think of all the snuggles!

  2. Niom says:

    4:38 30 Toyota Coro- …wait. Wrong channel

  3. Prince Alabi says:

    Animals and humans are actually exothermic and it actually means that we give off every as heat to the enjoyment while our bodies do the reactions that keep us alive

  4. Jonathan Zamorano says:

    I have a question about Gears of War. Could it be possible for a human like race "Locust" to evolve and grow underground?

  5. Lord Dankness says:

    Only real fans played at least 3 different monster hunters.

  6. Kaname Suzaku says:

    Who’s been playing sense MH tri

  7. Krytyk15 says:

    cool video man, few more and i'll probably sub

  8. catophonic says:

    cough cough paraceratherium was the largest land mammal cough cough

  9. Juilienne says:

    2:39 I know this is super picky but I think you mean biggest LAND mammals, since blue whales are mammals too.

  10. Benjamin Buljevic says:

    Lmao 3 ton "mid sized" car

  11. Mario Vukašinović says:

    I don't understand what difference makes this surface to volume ratio? Volume of the cube will always be 1 cubic unit of its side unit? Side can be 3.14m, and you can call that unit Spock. In that case, area will be 6 Spocks², and volume 1 Spock³, so we still get 6:1 ratio.

  12. Boris Thebia says:

    Okay but sharpen your weapon and never attack without red extract

  13. ultracombo 76 says:

    You could have done: is it possible to make a creature out of bio-energy(final boss spoilers)

    The final boss xeno jiiva is a creature made completely out of elder dragon bio-energy

  14. CG Alex says:

    What type of emerald are chaos emerald are from sonic series

  15. white board gamer says:

    Undertale make vid plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Dantick09 says:

    2:22 giant penis

  17. insell8 says:

    soo… thats how the square cube law effects living beings…
    but what about a big mech with mechanical limbs?
    like a metal gear or gundam?


    How dare you doubt the awesome power and the abilities of biological creation with your bullshit math and science, you evil heritic,

  19. Las Diety says:

    Me favourite youtuber made a video about me favourite game 😀


    Yes, they can, they are possible, they really do exist

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