Are Vegetarians Better for the Environment?

Friday, January 20, 2017

There are many reasons to become a vegan or a vegetarian. One of the popular reasons is because it’s better for the environment… but is it really? Our resident vegetarian Anthony Carboni did some digging to find the answer.

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One-third of our greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture
“The global food system, from fertilizer manufacture to food storage and packaging, is responsible for up to one-third of all human-caused greenhouse-gas emissions, according to the latest figures from the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), a partnership of 15 research centres around the world.”

Eat Less Meat and Dairy, Save the World
“Eat less dairy and meat, save the world. It’s the vegan’s ultimate dream slogan, and Swedish scientists from the Chalmers University of Technology just might make it a reality.”

Vegetarian or omnivore: The environmental implications of diet
“The argument that a vegetarian diet is more planet-friendly than a carnivorous one is straightforward: If we feed plants to animals, and then eat the animals, we use more resources and produce more greenhouse gases than if we simply eat the plants.”

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator
“Did you ever wonder what reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1 million metric tons means in everyday terms?”

What You Eat Matters
“Americans’ appetite for meat and dairy — billions of pounds a year from billions of animals — takes a toll on our health, the environment, climate and animal welfare.”

Environmental Vegetarianism
“Environmental vegetarianism is the practice of vegetarianism or veganism based on the indications that animal production, particularly by intensive agriculture, is environmentally unsustainable.”

Vegetarianism and the Environment
“Along with the current trend of eating ‘organic’ and ‘local’ foods, one of the hot topics that has sparked debate among scholars and bloggers alike is the question of whether or not being a vegetarian affects the environment.”

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Meet the Chicken from Hell!

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Are Vegans Really Healthy?


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  1. Natthawat Jarnphen says:

    Vegan and meat eater.. I will eat anything and I mean anything to stay alive

  2. CRP says:

    hey #DNews you guys didn't talk about most of the important thing that why veganism is more beneficial for environmental. What about deforestation and water consumption? Also what about cruelty?

  3. ai jao says:

    At least not for your social environment because they promote this shit like muslims promote Islam. By just pointing out the few positive aspects and denying the bad aspects.

  4. kung111cz says:

    Man…nobody with the brain in his head takes that ,,cows cause global warming by farting" seriously…

  5. Veevee Archer says:

    i don't know about the environment, but the vegans sure make a ton of terrible videos

  6. Emma Frost says:

    Yes it's indeed better. Not eating meat is a small sacrifice for the greater good. You save the planet and the animals who serve a vital role. I don't see why humans think they should come first. We need to be good to all sentient beings. Veganism will save the planet.

  7. Graeme Johnston says:

    Hey DNews,
    I am a big fan of the show. I think you guys do a great job.

    I would like to see you guys do show on "rabbit meat". I know It is an oddity in North America but the advantages of us switching to it a amazing. And besides those cute little guys taste amazing.

  8. enjoyce says:

    ok but he didn't talk about the 1000 L of water that is used to make one burger

  9. A Lego Man says:

    they look like aliens on that thumbnail no thnx lol

  10. MONKEY SEE says:

    If i eat plants,dairy and fish but not meat(red.white)what am i?

  11. HeavensBlade TrollMaster says:

    Of course I don't kill animals and it has nothing to do with environment, but my morals.

  12. Efficientlion ! says:


  13. 77tubuck says:

    Carbon dioxide is not a green house gas. Plants need to breath in carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide a gas produced from incomplete combustion is a green house gas. Geese I learned this in grade 7. What an idiot.

  14. Samuel Williams says:

    Why is this video not working? Don't even bother telling me to reload the page, because I have tried it four times and went to a different video and the other video worked.

  15. H¥pΣr N¤vα says:

    attention people of the comments section. save the planet, kill yourselves.

  16. DragonSlayer12 says:

    UUUHHGGG!!!!!! Ok cows lamb and goat farts are natural. So they are responsible but they cant help it. WE are the main culprits. We put all that crap in the air and it causes naturally hot climates to become BLAZING!!! Just ask me. I live in South Carolina and it is hotter than ever!! And its all OUR fault. DESTROY ALL GAS, NUCLEAR, COAL, CHARCOAL, AND OIL POWER PLANTS!!!!!!!! ITS NOT HELPING!!!!!! SOLAR PANELS AND WIND, USE THOSE INSTEAD!!! IM TALKING TO THE WORLD!!

  17. DirtyDewey says:

    Wait so he is not gonna talk about how much modern agriculture farmers ruin the lands with all the pesticides, nutrients and fertilizers? I think this video is way too "one-sided", you only have half the story (not even). Vegetarians seems to forget that there are pros and cons to producing plants aswell as there is to producing meat. Lefties….

  18. Mike Guaranteed says:

    You can't simply measure your impact on the environment purely on the basis of your carbon footprint. Why don't you talk about the destructiveness of agriculture instead? Why not talk about environmental problems such as unnecessary airtrafic or maybe the overconsumption of stuff like plastic? How are sheep or cows or any other ruminants the root of the problem when they've been part of most ecosystems on the planet for millions and millions of years.

  19. Sterre Oostveen says:

    on 1,5 acres of land you can produce 16 783 kg of plant-based food and just 170 kg of meat, so yes you need to eat more plant-based food to get your calories but if we use the land that we now use for meat use for plant-based foods we can feed multiple vegetarians from that land and that is better for the environment

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