Are You a Clash of Clans Bully? Clash of Clans Bullying News Article From the NY Times

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Clash of Clans Base Playlist (CoC Base Playlist)
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The Best Top Clash of Clans Town Hall Defence (Defense) Layout Setup Base Design Strategy for Clan Wars Base, Farming Base, Hybrid Base & Trophy Base! Clash of Clans Base Playlist
Town Hall 11 Base (TH11Base )
Town Hall 10 Base (TH10 Base)
Town Hall 9 Base (TH9 Base)
Town Hall 8 Base (TH8 Base)
Town Hall 7 Base (TH7 Base)
Town Hall 6 Base (TH6 Base)
Town Hall 5 Base (TH5 Base)
Town Hall 4 Base (TH4 Base)
Town Hall 3 Base (TH3 Base) Android/iOS Gameplay – Droidz Android/iOS Gameplay – Droidz iOS/Android Gameplay – Droidz
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  1. Arma [Armageddon] says:

    This annoys me. When people are serious about this game, demoting and kicking aren't bullying. They are things that players do to keep their clan strong and active.

  2. School Of Clash - Clash Of Clans - TH9 Base 2016 says:


  3. Litten The Lit Kitten says:

    That is stupid, it's your choice, trust who you trust and don't worry what others say…

  4. Clash With Triple-P says:

    Interesting Article !!

  5. Alejandro Shadows says:

    He must have been really bored to write this dumb article lol…. Or ran out of ideas. Either way, this is probably the most stupid thing I've ever heard!

  6. Andrew Wang says:

    Who cares… Just get into a better clan. That ten year boy is probably a Town Hall 7 rushed idiot.

  7. Leo -Retired CoC Youtubr says:

    "Children" geez adults play this game 

  8. Leo -Retired CoC Youtubr says:


  9. Tyler Dowd says:


  10. Captain Clash Gaming ★ Android & iOS Gameplay ★ Mobile Games & Video Games says:

    Are You a Clash of Clans Bully? Clash of Clans Bullying Article From the NY Times

    #clashofclans   #coc   #bullying   #nytimes  

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