Article 1, Section 8 Explained

Saturday, January 23, 2016

We had an assignment in American Government and had to do a project explaining Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. This is our video.

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  1. UniqueLexique says:

    People don't understand how long it takes to edit and put videos together. I do YouTube too. Thank you for this video. It was a creative way to put it all together. It helped me with my exam.

  2. mike hanlon says:

    What the fuck, this video is so gay

  3. USAFDoctorMoney says:

    wow, just wow

  4. xxJameWellxx says:

    Please do not hate on my video. I worked rather hard on it. Thank you for the like though!

  5. Libertytree Tv says:

    They can't tax your income if your a state citizen without apportionment .

  6. Shaun Kunz says:

    You said, "Doodies…"

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