Article 10: Development

Monday, November 30, 2015

Video on Article 10 of the “African Youth Charter” developed in partnership by UNESCO and the African Union.

Your State must encourage youth organizations to implement youth programmes. You have the right to develop freely in all social, economic, political and cultural spheres.

The African Youth Charter is YOUR Charter!

Copyright UNESCO and African Union
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Uncovering the missing secrets of Magnetism

Done, BOOK uploaded, 110 pages


2 sizes, small and large (one reduced in image optimization) 67.9 MB PDF 13.4 MB PDF

The first and only accurate model of magnetism and the missing secrets of electromagnetism and the geometry of light!

Additionally the correct model of the atom proven by logic, evidence, and the works of Tesla, Maxwell, Heaviside, CP Steinmetz and others.

This 94 page article will reveal more to you about the nature of the cosmos, the atomic model, the geometry of magnetism and light than you have ever imagined possible, and which no one until now has or can deliver.

This article is meant to be a deep but clear primer to reverse the mass of ignorance and set the reader down the correct road regarding magnetism and paint its clear, logical, lucid, and rational picture. Its editions will expand over time.
While this work will expand over time, I must state that if you cannot explain it simply then you do not really understand something. There are many great non-fiction books on many subjects, however all of them could be removed of superfluous nonsense and reduced by at least 80%, such was the premise for this article; time in life in short, and reading ten pages to find one morsel of truth and helpful insight, I have always found infuriating. Nothing is more hubristic than taking 100 pages to say something that can easily be said in 10. I state outright that for the very first time in history, I will lucidly, rationally, logically, with reason and evidence present you with the genuine model of magnetism, what it is, then what it really is (rather is not in principle but in attribute), how it moves, how it operates, with geometry, angles, charge, and unique specificity with parallel clarity.
Additionally regarding magnetism, I will supply you with numerous diagrams showing orientation, movements, pressures, specific angles, and countless first-time revelations about magnetism that will paint a lucid coherent picture, like a laser, burning thru accretions of ignorance about magnetism, to what magnetism really is, its relationship to the other 3 forces, what induces what, what terminates into what and as what. Lastly, and uniquely, I will present you with the correct nature of light, never before understood, formerly only half-grasped, and finally a chart showing force unification of gravity, magnetism, dielectricity, and electricity that is so simple, so logical, so undeniable, that even a 15 year old can grasp it; within which is included the equation (G.U.T.) behind all force unification.

10+ years of intense magnetism research, this 35 page article with much evidence, diagrams, logic and proofs will astound you!

This extremely condensed article will stun you with information both logical, sound, proven, and amazing. You will not be disappointed.

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article in PDF format
Due out July 1 this year!

Done, BOOK uploaded, 110 pages

2 sizes, small and large (one reduced in image optimization) 67.9 MB PDF 13.4 MB PDF

ISBN 0-9712541-8-4
copyright 6-15-2014
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  1. DDGPro says:

    Does this book exist in printed format? I can't find it anywhere. I am wanting to purchase it for someone that doesn't use computers or tablets.

  2. epiNoesis says:

    Are you greek?

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