Article 13 – Burning Questions #SaveYourInternet

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Article 13 - Burning Questions #SaveYourInternet

How well do you understand Article 13? Your future could depend on it. In this video, Matt from YouTube explains what is Article 13 and its unintended consequences. Be sure to watch, and learn more at

Make your voice heard by creating a video about Article 13, sharing on social using the hashtag #SaveYourInternet and joining the movement at

Article 13 – There’s a better way

Article 13 is part of European copyright legislation created with the intent to better protect creativity and find effective ways for copyright holders to protect their content online.

We support the goals of Article 13, but the version written by the European Parliament could have large unintended consequences that would change the web as we know it. There’s a better way. Learn more and join the conversation at

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  1. YouTube Creators says:

    Hey everyone, translated captions are now available. Note also the website link needs to be in lowercase to access it:

  2. _ Schnee _ says:

    does noone understand that the animation meme community can get absolutely destroyed by article 13?!
    the definition of an animation meme is an animated video/picture which is meant to be spread, and sometimes, copied
    and the music we use will probably make it even harder to make any animation memes anymore

  3. #Renferr says:

    Lets get back to the 90's then

  4. Kimジェイク Beeseemee says:

    Pray to remove article 13 xd

  5. Barry MacDonald says:

    Article 13 = Stops influencers from letting people learn the truth. You can't have your own opinion if it is against the globalist agenda.

  6. Midnight Playz says:

    "Better prote creativity"
    Well that's out the window
    If that happens no more animation memes.

  7. Just smile says:

    Article 13 must be stoped #SaveYourInternet

  8. Tyler Huynh says:

    I'm not in the EU, but how do we get EU to know that we don't want article 13 to be a law?

  9. Milan Karakas says:

    Thank you for the explanation. This explains why ALL my videos are limited no matter what. Just because I am inside EU, no matter which content. Should I delete my YouTube channel?

  10. ExOTiic fabzplayzz says:

    The eu sound like 5 years old of what they are doing now people learn from youtube

  11. Jacob Dunn says:

    Thank god Britain may be leaving the EU :')

  12. JayLegend says:

    I just made the PHATEST Article 13 disstrack of 2019

  13. Horváth Zsanii says:

    bazdmeg pedig mar vartam a magyar karonkodo kommenteloket😂😂

  14. Mika Waffles says:

    2019 WILL BE THE WORST YEAR EVER I WANT 2015-2014-2016 BACK

  15. Chreint says:

    does this mean we might lose Pepe? FeelsBadMan

  16. Ss akft says:

    No no no

  17. Alex Iliescu says:

    We was lucky this time! Find a way to stop that! Pls,i love yt! You have the power over yt! I am a Romanian user! Can You stop article 13

  18. Mackenzie Coral Grace says:

    Article 13 has to cancel the so called "fakes" and not the employed people which have done or are attending schools and are good in their jobs. Because there are many people which do too but they're not good enough to be considered an artist or hasn't won anything as a reward for it's work or never got into the desired school. And these people use the net to express something in which they have to work hard to achieve, or never. And it's just too much.

  19. Manipuri song videos with cool mix video. says:

    Brother today I have Article 13 should they come home

  20. Curvy Barbie says:

    ok crazy question .. what about the UK creators ? … with what's happening nowadays with the whole brexit .. you know … lol :O

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