Article 35A Jammu & Kashmir – Legal GK / Aptitude – Analysis in Hindi of 35 A

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Article 35A Jammu & Kashmir - Legal GK / Aptitude - Analysis in Hindi of 35 A

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  1. Kashmir: The Poetry of Nature says:

    I enjoyed this lecture. Very impressive lecture. "Do not be poltical, comment without biasness" but I found this lecture biased.

    Once Article 35A is deleted from Constitution India, it will automatically scrap Article 370. Revokating Article 370 will revocate Instrument of Ascession. Once India will delete these articlea from Constitution, Pakistan and Seperatist will approach International Court of Justice. As they are waiting for this opportunity. They will register a petition in ICJ claiming India's army is illegaly occupying J&K. As per Instrument of Acession, India has a legal right over J&K, one Article 370 and 35A is deleted it will itself declare acession null and void. India couldn't do anything at ICJ to defend the case. So, UPA govt is constitutionally binding J&K with Union of India rather than NDA's aggresive measures which may harm India's integrity if taken hastely.
    Maharaja signed only Instrument of Acession while he refrained from Instrument of Merger (IoM if signed had declared J&K fully an integral part of India).
    In my opanion, it is Article 35A and 370 which strongly sticks J&K with Union of India.
    Sir, your art of teaching is excellent. Very nice lecture about 35A….

  2. Saurabh Pandey says:

    Discriminatory .. Repeal it is only solution ..

  3. Mohd Arshad says:

    nafrat ki siyaasat India khatam karde sab theek hojayega

  4. Arya Khan says:

    This is our right and no one can take away this article. If any attempt to abridge presidential order act 1954 is done by the govt then all the constitutional provisions which were extented to the state of j&k will also get abridged…!

  5. sheraz jarral says:

    These rules are same implemented in POK so why india and Pakistan is fighting for our land. You both can not buy a single inch of our land. So why you r waisting ur time money and life's.

  6. atul rai says:

    Thanks good information

  7. bilal shiekh says:

    These two articles are two ropes connected with the hearts of its own citizens to bridge. And environment to rodents who want to pollute it from all the ways.
    Now what you want?
    Strengthen the ropes and make it Independent with all its territories.
    If you want to cut these two ropes then not only imagine, assume it that these rodents would reach to the paradise and make it hell from all the ways.
    Who are rodents?
    Those who have divided it into 3 2 1 instead it was a princely and independent state with all its territories like pok,azad kashmir,ladakh, gilgit baltistan,kashmir and jammu.

    For God sake: Leave the greed which have fulfilled only graveyards not hearts and minds of humanity.

  8. bilal shiekh says:

    Edited and altered with wrong facts and points. Oh somewhere not explained.

  9. Khanday Khanday says:

    Being rational Article 35 A seems to be discriminatory But it is a special right to a minority state which is being under always in depression through the history of j&k Being emotionally,mentally black mailed Hence to help the people they have given a special right to promote themSo it should not be demolished because people are still underdeveloped

    It is like reservation given to school st in other states

  10. Ankit bhardwaj says:

    Remove the article

  11. ShivStup 1 says:

    You are being driven by emotions n passion Ayush. Keep calm. Don't impose YOUR views on new aspirants, even indirectly. Be an Educator, not commentator!

  12. ali kingi says:

    Tu harami pada nahi raha hain. Tujhe kisi politician ya tere baap ne praise diya hoga ye lecture Tatar krne k liye. Tujhe gand ka pata nahi hain aya chal 35A k bare ma bolne. Dar haqiqat Ham india k sath thy hi nahi and howe bhi to 370 k base py. Lakin india ne chit kiya is ko kamzor krne ki kushis ki. Aur ye mat soch ki to bacho giyan deraha hain. Asil ma tu kisi najayiz ka bita hoga jo aisa propaganda kr raha hain. Tum jo harami daliton K right Ko grab krty ho muslim K right K sath ladkiyon K rape kr ty ho. Tumhy appni Ma bahano ka khayal nahi to aur ki 10 saal ma shadiyan krty ho aur Kashmir ma indian army jo kr rahi hain. Asil baat to ye Indian government Law tahad chalti hi nahi.

  13. Guddu kumar yadav says:

    Remove both 370 and 35A

  14. ali kingi says:

    Because our own constitution and our own fundamental rights. Randi ka bacha rsss ka bach

  15. ali kingi says:

    Harami pada khali polician mat ban

  16. ALL IN ONE says:

    Karna to pdega warna ek aur pakistan ki tyari chl ri hai yha
    Should so

  17. Satyam Kumar says:

    I am crying after watching this video on the condition of india that they can't control the j&k due to political reasons

  18. Deepak Jindal says:

    JN nehru, tunai sahi mai watt .laga di hamari.

  19. Deepak Jindal says:

    remove 35A and article 360, I will buy land in kashmir before I die.

  20. saddam Husain says:

    Sir i want course for CLAT LLM entrence exam…

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