Article 370: Jammu & Kashmir Issue: History and Latest Facts by Roman Saini [UPSC CSE/IAS, SSC]

Saturday, February 18, 2017

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Roman explains all the important facts – historical and latest developments – about Article 370 and the Jammu & Kashmir issue. One lesson that will settle all your doubts and questions about it.

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  1. Surya Prakash says:

    SDM change many life in his district in reference to education, help poor, followed ethics. if u are SDM or DM then u help more then expected by unacademy. so dear please rejoin IAS and help to poor people like me. because internet data is too costly. I am unable to afforded

  2. Anuj Rawat says:

    thank you sir… you explained it very well…

  3. BISWAJIT DAS says:

    roman sir, m getting to learn so much from unacdamy, thank u

  4. dhruwanath yadav says:

    it reminds me of Bat's choice to go with birds or beasts. to birds it said that I give birth and not lay eggs and is more like beast so can't be with them… while to beasts it said that I fly and am more like birds, so can't be with u… finally when the war of birds and beasts ended… both sides refused to be friends with the bat… so kashmiris have confused themselves thinking that they can survive alone… given its location, pak and China will invariably want to capture it, even if India leaves it alone like Bangladesh and Nepal… and once pak or China get Kashmir, it will be ravaged just like Baluchistan and kashmiris will be replaced by their people… atleast with India, their identity would not have got diluted (eg : u can see other States of India, which have progressed and maintained their uniqueness as well, but with pak and China, it won't be possible ever). with China they even will not be able to practice even their daily life or religion, without unnecessary interference by their govt.
    Mr Nehru really left India and j n k in lurch. he should have sorted it while he could… at least for peace of us Indians, if not for non Indians.. we loose our country men for people who just want freedom but can't protect their own asses and don't want to even help out those who are protecting them.
    just for religious reasons they are pro pak, the country where they can't feed their people without China or America. mind it, religious brotherhood loses it essence, as soon as they see the huge potential of eradicating u and capturing all u have…. at least India will not want to erase u of earth, coz all us Indians are of different cultures and religions and would like to maintain our own identity and respect other's as well…
    kashmiris must realise that u cannot have everything.. u have to compromise somethings, rather than loose all ur freedom and identity…
    choose wisely… if given a chance again ever…

  5. Hemnisha Selvam says:

    Sir please make the video completely in english and hindi separately. difficult to follow.

  6. aqib mattoo says:

    Beautifully placed sir

  7. sajad bhat says:

    romain ist make sure u have enough knowledge about article 360 then make this bullshit video.I think you deserve this position

  8. Pavan Kumar says:

    Sir make a video on efforts by B.R.Ambedkar , sardar vallabhai patel in Independence movement. And on reservation system

  9. mukesh sharma says:

    very well explained. I have one doubt, Basic structure is not a part of constitution so it can be updated by including article 370 with in it anytime by supreme court and if it is added in the basic structure then as per the convention followed by parliament it can't be amended or abrogated by Parliament. hence the issue is in Supreme Court's hand.


    thank uso much sir for enlightening us..

  11. Abid Rather says:

    sir pls make uaslf well versed in historiography first. plz cite the sources u have consulted for preparing this video lecture on 370.


    Hari singh was not Brahmin sr ….!!

  13. Sonu SonuKumar says:

    pls sir use both language (hindi & english)

  14. sankalp thakur says:

    please use more map as u tend to explain geography rather than black background

  15. sana shaikh says:

    aise imp videos me hindi bhi bola kijiye puri english samaz nahi aati pls sir

  16. Mahesh mahesh kv says:

    Hi Sir I follow unacademy videos and used suggest to others too, there is no doubt your way of teaching is wonderful but for this topic if you had given chance to any qualified person from Jammu and Kashmir ( like Sha fisal , or last time 2016 topper amir or any other person from Kashmir ) we might have got educated Kashmiris point of view rather than our routine version( means rest of Indians like you ,me and other )

  17. fahad ansari says:

    Very nice explaination ?

  18. akhil gautam says:

    tnq sir

  19. Lakshman Vajjakeshavula says:

    i love u sir

  20. Lakshman Vajjakeshavula says:

    ur awesome

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