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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Music by Kevin MacLeod
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  1. JakeHasAnApple says:

    When I saw the thumbnail say 'A Scientist' I assumed the video was going to be about how a word describes itself (i.e. Scientist – One who does science.)

  2. JesseAndMike says:

    Haha! Liked as always! LOL!

  3. ImTheDaveman says:

    ~~~~ deer in the headlights stare ~~~~
    Say whut!? Color me blue and call me spanky! Actually, don't do that. That was just kinda like a rhetorical question without the rhet or the question. Its.., a puzzling phenomenon to say the least – or even to say the most! I'm shocked, stunned, overwhelmed, dismayed, remayed and other dictionary words like that! :-O

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