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Monday, November 7, 2016


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  1. abdul ghani abdul karim says:

    Youtube sucks

  2. Chris Laski says:

    Hey Ali! YOUR THE MAN!!

  3. EverSpark Interactive says:

    Submitting articles to directories can be a good source to add backlinks. However, it should be said that due to the abuse of article spam, that it is wise to focus on quality and not just something to send out backlinks.

  4. Top 4 says:

    on 2:58 the square box suddenly appeared..i wonder how you can do that…

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  6. Arun Sharma says:

    I read your all tutorials , i got very sound knowledge about SEO . Can we use articles from articlebas websites and showing on our blog ?

  7. jjb says:

    You really help me , thank you 

  8. jranier cruz says:

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  10. Kris Wong (K.W.) says:

    Thanks Ali. Your tutorials are great!!!!!

  11. shekharsvilla says:

    Great Great Great Information AliBaba !!!
    You are doing simply great job!

    hey can you answer the question of duplicate content ? I dont think Google likes copy pasting articles like that. May be your adsense gets bannned !!! what do you think ?

  12. Tanvir Hasan says:

    thanks you for the Tutorial….

    I learned so much…

    now be blog will be on TOP RANK

  13. dasindias says:

    Your tutorial is great. I'm really learning. Thanks for sharing bro!

  14. Almera Abelardo says:

    thanks much!

  15. Ali Baba says:

    Hey juliebrady24, hahaha thanks for your comment. With me cooking i could poison you with toast. If you know something about the topic then it is better as it will flow easier and you will get more content, but it is not necessary. All websites and articles and blogs are information about a certain topic, whatever you view online is someones opinion about that topic. There is so much information available online which is the correct one. LEt me know how you get on


  16. J Brady says:

    I am assuming this is only a good idea if you really know a lot about coffee cakes! I mean, what if that coffee cake recipe made a coffee cake that tasted absolutely terrible, or worse, makes people that visit your website sick? 

  17. ideas4islam says:

    thank you so much 

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