Article Tracey Anderson Set Back Womens Fitness By Decades

Sunday, April 2, 2017
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  1. Kenny Powers says:

    My ex gf used to do her workout videos and it was hilarious. Watching her spaz about the living room was very entertaining, titties bouncing up into her face and all. lol

  2. Debbie George says:

    She's featured a lot in Women's Health and Shape magazines. She shows a lot of calisthenics.

  3. Carmen Carrillo says:

    Man,you missed the point. She says not to pick up dumbbells heavier than 3 pounds when doing her arms routine. She is talking about her programme, this doesn't apply to everyday tasks. Why people take an isolated sentence and make a crusade against it? I don't know. Anyway, that's Tracy Anderson either you love her or hate her.

  4. Shauna Jenkisson says:

    I have got more results with Tracey Anderson's method than with any other fitness regime. Doing thousands of weighted squats and deadlifts  frequently and very consistently plus maintaining a super clean diet did NOT do the trick. I don't know why it works, but i am 100 percent sure it does.

  5. George Christiansen says:

    Can you send me the article you wrote?

  6. ArmoredCore94 says:

    i don't watch many of your videos but i whole heartedly agree and my college professors who specialize in fitness have said the exact same thing as you. good on ya sir!

  7. Clutch Barrett says:

    I would say many of the women want the waifish skinny look and could give a crap about healthy fitness regardless .. But if she is trying to help people get like that she is all about money not improving peoples lives… Kind of like a drug dealer

  8. PhilFitness says:

    sat my gf down to watch this, very good stuff jason!

  9. thrutheblue says:

    Really starting to see a shift in womens fitness and thankfully "we" are starting to realise that results and fitness comes from lifting heavy but there is still plenty of misinformation out there. Seen a few people say "oh well, women should know better" but we have been programmed for YEARS to be weak and meagre and that skinniness is the aspiration. It takes a lot to change that mindset! Hopefully me and people like +ChelseaLifts will make a difference!

  10. Brian Nielson says:

    Glad you are bringing more attention to this, Jason.

  11. Loyfex says:

    3 lbs 😛 That's like saying they shouldn't pick up a newborn child. luls were had. 

  12. b1zZ187 says:

    after your first video about the benefits of strength training with women i had my gf watch it because ive been talkin to her about it for a while and hearingvit come from another person really helped, whenever she would go to the gym before she would do all the "girl" oriented training and she would get bored with it and not be able to go consistent. now shes going and doing a small program i have set up for her and she loves it, she loves hitting a goal she made and she just loves getting stronger and being able to lift heavy its exviting for her and she looks forward to going to the gym now so thanks keep pushin these videos out it will help more people than you think

  13. Ryan Burnham says:

    coffee sip > bicep shot

  14. Dr Plankenstein's Fitness Training says:

    I've been training women for years and I am surprised at how many "trainers" never have their women clients train with more than a pair of 10 lb dumb bells. A lot of them spend their time chatting them up while they walk on the tread mill. 

  15. Demonwicked says:

    is that bitch retarded ? lol

  16. Adrian Brubacher says:

    Lot of people need to hear this

  17. Adrian Brubacher says:

    Lot of people need to hear this

  18. AM Training says:

    Well said Jason, I completely agree with you. I can't believe she's made it far with crap training workouts.

  19. Will Levy says:

    Thanks for sharing my article Jason.

  20. MrRossT1 says:

    Babies weigh MORE than 3 pounds! This woman just wants women to be fat, fat, fat AND weak! Then she can sell them the NEW book on how to get stronger!  It's progressive, she's intentional!  She wants customers for LIFE!  😛  Every 18 months, she'll come up with something new!  

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