Friday, November 3, 2017

This video explains article writing according to CBSE format in a very quick and easy to understand way.


  1. sahul hameed says:

    nice video but language ?????

  2. Vinod Kumar says:

    Please give me an example of written article on any special topic..

  3. Jatin Malik says:

    Para 1,para 2and para 3 Mai kitne words hone chaiye

  4. ANJALI GUPTA says:

    best types learn to article

  5. Razia Deva says:

    Owesome video

  6. Shivam Sahu says:

    Respected sir I like ur article and understand every thing.this is very good way to teach.but sir I have a problem in speech writing can u make video on how to write speech. Sir plz try to make it as soon as possible becouse I have class test from 5th November.

  7. vatsal khare says:

    It was nicely explained… Good for our knowledge

  8. Sai Vignesh says:

    Which tense

  9. C.T.W STUDIO says:

    Nice video

  10. Nirod Behera says:

    ur video so good but I can't listen plz reas ur voice

  11. satwik dg says:

    My exam is trommrow

  12. satwik dg says:

    Helpful for exam in cbse

  13. Krishnan Gudalur says:

    plz help me in next exam

  14. Krishnan Gudalur says:


  15. MOHD SALMAN KHAN says:


  16. Ayush Upadhyay says:

    a good one

  17. Mahendra Kushwaha says:

    क्या हमें हेडिंग लिखने के बाद एक लाइन छोड़ के author का नाम लिखना है or Aadhar ke name k baad Bhi Ek line chodna hai और हर एक पैरा खत्म होने के बाद भी line Chorni है

  18. Shivam Gautam says:

    Sir please hindi me bolo

  19. Anika Bhumika says:

    Thanks for the help

  20. Tushar Gupta says:

    Esh ka heading or by karke jiska name likhna Na hai vo hm left side mein margin se close nhi likh sakte kya ???

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