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Monday, November 6, 2017

Famous DISNEY Child Stars Who Grew Up Too Fast

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Do you look the same as you did when you were younger? Sure, there are some recognizable traits, but overall, we look pretty different. When it comes to Disney child stars, there are some iconic faces that we have in our heads when we think of certain movies and TV shows. We often dont think about what happens to that child star after they grow up. Some play their cards right and manage to shed their innocent image and are able to be taken more seriously. This means that they can be cast in more adult roles and their careers will continue. But there are other Disney alums that decide that they are satisfied with their time on screen and retire. As we all know, time goes by and we all grow up. Sure, it would be nice to be like Peter Pan and never grow up. Unlike us regular folks, these stars will be forever young and immortalized through their work for Disney. This might be why when we see them today, it is a true shock because it shatters our perceptions.

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  1. TheRichest says:

    Thanks for watching! Let us know what you think about our videos.

  2. crambone t says:

    What the fucked-up kinda name is SHIA LABEOUF??
    a fucking moronic Mallinial name.. Thats what…. He's a ignorant piece of shit

  3. Charles Tyner says:

    Brandon played Little Richard, not James Brown…Dumbass

  4. Zach Carson says:

    Awesome video Richest

  5. Renee Quichocho says:

    1983 and you had to pay for the Disney Chanel…

  6. Busch Wacker says:

    To much Bullshit i quit watching need input need it fast

  7. Albert Benavides says:

    Disney went porn wow beautiful Lil porn stars

  8. Anbreen Ehtesham says:

    Miley fixer her teeth

  9. Pierre Hughes says:

    Your videos are good but too many commercials and I don’t care about the premium

  10. Kanisha Jackson says:


  11. D S says:

    Brown is the ugliest actress ever

  12. l8russ says:

    Disney suxx

  13. z a myers says:

    this could have been a 4 minute video. annoyingly long as fuck.

  14. JWUniverse says:

    Kimberly J. Brown is still my crush today. Amazing!

  15. Christopher Cambronero says:

    October 16 1923 Is When Disney Started

  16. Harley Quinn says:

    Moisas career is dead. he's gotten even more ugly! it's crazy! he's still short af

  17. dead silence says:

    I miss Halloween town

  18. JohntechFL says:

    Ariel Winter is a bad selection I remember the pilot episode of Modern Family and first thing I said was thats bad casting, the lil "nerdy" girl is gonna outshine the sister in 3 years.

  19. Zachary Robey says:

    pause at 3:50 omg

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